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The REACH development team releases new software updates on a regular basis, typically monthly. Many come directly from your input on our Feedback Forum. We communicate these updates on our monthly newsletter, which you can subscribe to by joining our mailing list, and via Facebook and Instagram.

March 2023

February 2023

January 2023

December 2022

November 2022

October 2022

September 2022

August 2022

July 2022

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  • Download Recording: Getting the Most of REACH: New Features – July 20th 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST
  • Download Recording: Managing and Grouping Your Supporters – June 22nd 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST
  • New REACH Theme Version Available: Quartz 2.2 & Ruby 2.2 – Includes Live Giving Thermometer for Fundraising Campaigns. View our New Features List by REACH Theme article and how to Update your REACH Theme article.
  • Bulk Update the Cost Per Share – If you decide to increase the amount charged for a sponsorship, you can now bulk update the cost per share by sponsorship type. This will automatically update the recurring donations and tracked giving for all sponsorship supporters.
  • Automations – Automations allow for immediate admin notification when certain records are created or updated within REACH. Set up Automations to notify you when a supporter has updated their contact information, been added to the system or registered for an event, for example.
  • Zapier Integration – Interested in helping us test out our new integration with Zapier – and get early access to this new feature? Email our support team if interested. Learn more in our newsletter.

June 2022

May 2022

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  • Webinar Series: Coming Soon! What areas do you want to learn more about? Take our Survey.
  • Supporter Notifications – Create custom emails and drip email campaigns to be automatically sent to your supporters after certain events take place in REACH. Events include: Event Registration, Offline Sponsorship Past Due, Offline Sponsorship Supporter Created, Recurring Donation Ended, Sponsorship Cancelled, Supporter Created.
  • Tags – Assign short text labels to various records within REACH. Examples uses include assigning an admin to a sponsorship, a priority level to a supporter or an on-hold label to a Project or Place.

April 2022

March 2022

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  • When generating a Report, Quick Date Ranges of Today, This Week to Date (WTD) and This Week are now available.
  • A Change Log Widget has now been added to the Dashboard for all accounts. Admins can view a list of new software updates directly from their Admin Console.

February 2022

  • Supporters can now store multiple payment methods (any number of credit cards, checking or saving accounts) in their REACH account to be used for future donations. Admins can select from the saved payment methods should a supporter request a recurring donation use a different payment method.
  • Updated icons in the Admin Console used to contact Support.

January 2022

  • Video Messaging in Conversations among sponsors and sponsorships is now disabled by default for new accounts. Organizations can choose to enable or disable Video Messaging.
  • The Supporter Donation History table now features pagination which will display a list of 20 donations per page.  This has been added to help performance issues.
  • Supporter Started Conversations now require a Supporter to select a sponsorship for the conversation to ensure in case of multiple sponsorships, the admins knows which sponsorship the conversation is intended for.
  • Multiple Mailchimp accounts can now be linked to your REACH Account.

December 2021

  • Video Messaging in Conversations among sponsors and sponsorships (Donor Portal, Donor Mobile App & Admin Console)

November 2021

October 2021

September 2021

August 2021

July 2021

  • Added validation for Projects, Places, Campaigns, and Projects permalinks when edited
  • Added French and Spanish translations for Donor Portal and donation pages

June 2021

  • QR Codes are now available
  • Family Unit Sponsorships
  • Attachments to Conversations are now disabled by default.
  • When a new recurring donation is created, the process date is now set to the day of the month of the original donation charge.
  • Added a sponsorship filter for Biggest Need
  • The transaction fees checkbox in the admin panel donation page is no longer checked by default if there are no transaction fees.
  • Organizations can now turn off Google’s reCAPTCHA for donations and/or their sign up and sign in pages under Account Rules and Donation Setup.
  • Email Templates can now use a liquid tag to pull in the current date.
  • Event Custom Form Fields are only available for viewing and editing within the Event.

May 2021

  • Fundraising Campaign Approval – Lists Admin Who Approved

April 2021

  • Past Due Calculations Revision
  • SSL Encryption – All Domain Names Included
  • Text Messaging – Send to Active Sponsors, Send Directly to Supporters

March 2021

  • Auto-Increment Numerical Code
  • Filtered Reports – Export and Download

February 2021

  • Schedule Reports Weekly or Monthly
  • Reports – Multi-Select Dropdown
  • Reports – Customize Display on Summary Page
  • Attaching Documents for Admin-Only Viewing

January 2021

  • Contribution Statements – Share with Donors Template

November 2020

  • Create and Embed a Donation Form

October 2020

  • Donor Mobile App
  • Invisible reCaptcha
  • Mailchimp Tag Integration
  • Admin Permissions for Projects & Places
  • Canadian Contribution Statement Updates
  • Searchable Reference Number filed for Donations with Custom Payment Type

September 2020

  • Customizing REACH portal – No HTML Required
  • Donation Details Report – Grouping
  • Auto-Complete Search Function to Supporters and Sponsorships

August 2020

  • Framework Update

July 2020

  • Virtual Fundraising Options

June 2020

  • Fundraising Campaigns – Anonymous Donor and Amount
  • Embedded Donation Forms – 1 or 3 page Option
  • Sponsorship Images Import Simplification
  • General Ledger Codes

May 2020

  • Virtual Fundraising – Gala, Product Sales, Peer to Peer Challenge

April 2020

  • New Donor Portal
  • New Event Page Design
  • Products – Increased Functionality
  • File Upload Improvements

March 2020

  • Soft Supporters
  • Admins: Primary Contact

February 2020

  • Disabled Supporter Daily Digest
  • Birthday Filters: Sponsors Report, Supporter Exports

December 2019

  • Contribution Statements Updates
  • Supporter Groups Updates
  • Custom Payment Types

November 2019

  • New REACH Website
  • Admins Can Update Password for Other Admins (if permissions allow)

October 2019

  • Contribution Statements: ID, Listed as Activity, Specify Country, Customize HTML

September 2019

  • Managed Missions Integration
  • New Sponsorship Albums
  • Custom Donation Link Builder
  • Sponsorship Birthday Filters

August 2019

  • Donation Page Customization
  • Redirect 404 Page Customization

June 2019

  • Mail Merge Translation
  • Export Supporter Lists into Numbers and Google Sheets

May 2019

  • Failed Recurring Donation Email Template Customization
  • Batch Donation Email Template Customization
  • Theme Versioning

March 2019

  • Customize Admin Date Format
  • Custom Payment Types (Offline Only)
  • Pledges in Campaigns
  • Blocked Emails

February 2019

  • Setup Checklist
  • Sponsor-Only Custom Fields
  • Recording Offline Direct Deposit


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