Admin Automations

Automations allows for immediate admin notification when certain records are created or updated within REACH.

Automations can be found by going to Data Setup > Automations

The main Automations page will list all Automations created that can be sorted by Title, Trigger, Action and whether or not they are Enabled. 

If Enabled, the Last Run date will be shown.

Available Actions include Edit, Disable Automation and Delete the Automation.


  • When Supporter or Sponsorship Supporter information is updated, the task/email will state that it has been updated, but not what specific information was updated. 
  • Automations will also trigger when Admins update or create records.
  • You can use the tag {{ url }} in the message which will provide a direct link to review the referenced record within the REACH Admin Console.
  • If you click on the Automation link once created, it will show a list of the records that triggered the Automation. 

Record types that can trigger an automation (Triggering Items) can include:

  • Campaign
  • Event Registrations
  • Sponsorship Supporter
  • Supporter 
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Product Order

Triggering Events can include:

  • Create 
  • Update

Actions can include: 

  • Email Admin 
  • Assign Admin Task 

Common use cases for Automations 

Automations can be used to email or assign a task to an admin when:

1 – An admin wants to be emailed when a Sponsorship Supporter has cancelled their sponsorship or an admin has changed the frequency, amount or shares. 
2 – An admin wants to be notified when Supporter information has been updated – this could include name, contact information, contact preference, or add to Group
3 – An admin wants to be notified when a Supporter’s payment method has been updated..
4 – An admin wants to be emailed when a Supporter has created a Campaign.
5 – An admin wants to be notified when a Supporter has registered for an Event.
6 – An admin wants to be emailed when a new Supporter has been added to the system.
7 – An admin wants to be notified when a Supporter purchases a Product.

How to Set up an Automation – Video

How to Set up an AutomationInstructions

  • Go to Data Setup > Automations > Click +New Automation
  • Check Enabled if you are ready to test and use your Automation
  • Add all required fields, as in the example used below
  • Add a message in the editor – include {{ url }} in the message, as the system will use that to create a link to the record.
    • i.e. A supporter record has been updated: {{ url }}
  • Click Save
  • To test your automation, first make sure it is Enabled
  • Use your own supporter record to test your automation

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