Donor Mobile App

Donating and sponsoring is now even easier with our new REACH donor mobile app. It features everything your donors need to give, sponsor and start fundraising campaigns quickly, easily and securely from anywhere, anytime using their Apple or Android device.

Easily Donate, Sponsor & Start A Campaign

Using the app, donors can make single or recurring donations of any amount to any designated category. They can browse available sponsorships and sponsor directly from their mobile device. Donors can also start their own fundraising campaigns and share the campaign on social media with their friends and followers.

Our donor mobile app will allow your donors to enjoy the same features they’re accustomed to, now from an easy-to-use app installed on their mobile device.

Stay Better Connected

While using the mobile app, donors can start and respond to conversations with their sponsorships. They can view any messages and photo albums of the sponsorships, campaigns, projects or places they follow and support.

Donors can also view their donation history and ensure their contact and payment information is kept up-to-date.

Tailored for Your Organization

When you’re ready to begin using our donor mobile app, our skilled team of developers will transfer your REACH data and information into the donor mobile app.

There is a one-time setup fee of $500 and a $99/month charge that will be added to your REACH monthly billing statement.

Key Features

Benefit from a contactless way to grow your sponsorship program and increase your donations. Provide your donors with a way to stay better connected and give potential donors an easy way to learn about, engage with and support your organization from the palm of their hand.


You no longer need printed sponsorship cards or flyers.

Simply instruct potential donors to download the mobile app to begin supporting your organization.

Anytime, Anywhere

Donors can use the mobile app anytime they have their phone in hand.

Donors can open the app right in the palm of their hand to engage with and support your organization.

Stay Current

Having a mobile app for your donors will keep you on trend.

Appeal to your donors by staying on top of technology trends and offering a simple way to support your organization.

Download a Demo Version

For Apple Users

For Android Users

Partner Examples

Mission Life

Amiina Ministries

Develop Africa

Hands & Feet Project

Children of Promise

Imani Milele Children

Donor Mobile App F.A.Q.

To sign up, click on the Sign Up button above to fill out the Sign Up form. Implementation will start Q1 of 2021. Be sure to include when your organization would like to begin the implementation process. Based upon demand, we will go in order of sign up and desired start dates.

Our Support team will transfer and load all of the information you have on your public REACH donor portal into a mobile app for your nonprofit.

Yes. There is a one-time fee of $500 for this process as its tailored to each organization.

Yes. The donor mobile app costs an additional $99/month. This charge will be added to your monthly REACH billing statement.

Currently, the donor mobile app is only available to US-based nonprofits.

Yes, the donor mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

REACH will be rolling out the donor mobile app for our interested clients in Q1 of 2021. Interested clients will need to fill out the Sign Up form on this page to get started.

Yes. Use the links above on this page to install a demo version of the mobile donor app on your mobile device.

REACH manages the donor mobile app for all clients.

Yes. We will be making regular updates and releasing new features to the app just as we do with REACH.

Yes. Donors can read, write and send conversations/messages and videos to their sponsorships using the donor mobile app just as they could using your organization’s public donor portal. This is only available if your organization allows conversations among donors and their sponsorships and will follow the same process as your organization has set up.

Yes. Donors can browse available sponsorship opportunities and sponsor directly from the mobile donor app.

Yes. Donors can donate to any of your donation categories you have setup using the donor mobile app.

Yes. Under the “My Donations” section, donors can view their recurring donations, pledges and completed donations.

Yes. Donors can update their contact and payment information directly from the app.