Security and Privacy2021-03-05T17:53:26+00:00

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy in the online world of data and donor management, payment processing and child sponsorship is a critical issue. We understand its importance and are dedicated to addressing it through as many means as possible. These are some of the many built-in features and methods in which REACH addresses security and privacy.


Credit Card Payments2021-03-04T16:42:13+00:00

We use a Level 1 PCI compliant payment processor for encrypting and processing credit card payments.

Storing Data2021-03-04T16:45:22+00:00

Your data and information are hosted and managed within secure data centers. Recurring assessments and risk management are continually completed to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Hide Items2021-03-05T13:19:57+00:00

Organizations can choose to make any Sponsorship, Campaign, Project and/or Place viewable to Admins only.

Privacy Policy Page2021-03-04T16:53:52+00:00

Organizations have the ability to create a Privacy Police page to include on their web portal.


Sponsorship Images2021-03-05T13:46:58+00:00

For added security and privacy measures, organizations can choose to use a placeholder image for the sponsorship’s profile image.

Sponsorship Title2021-03-05T13:22:02+00:00

For child protection and privacy measures, organizations can use alpha and numeric characters for the sponsorship title instead of using the sponsorship’s name.

Sponsorship Birthdate2021-03-04T16:52:18+00:00

Due to privacy concerns, REACH is designed to automatically display a calculated age instead of the actual birthdate on a sponsorship profile page.

Sponsorship Messaging2021-03-04T16:46:49+00:00

REACH does not support contact directly between sponsors and sponsorships. We do facilitate easier communication between sponsors and sponsorships by allowing messages to be exchanged once moderated by the organization’s admins.


Account Settings2021-03-05T13:42:24+00:00

Admins can be limited to Read Only access to manage private account information such as billing details, domain names, campaign themes, donation setup and giving options.

Admin Notifications2021-03-04T20:40:12+00:00

Organizations can control the notifications that their admins receive. This way, admins will only receive notifications that apply to the areas within the organization in which they are associated with.

Admin Permissions2021-03-04T16:57:05+00:00

Organizations can set and control the levels of access admins have within the different areas of their REACH account.

Blocked Emails2021-03-04T20:32:38+00:00

REACH automatically stops sending notification emails after three bounce backs. We log each time a bounce back is received. After three bounce backs, the email account will be flagged and will no longer receive emails from the REACH system.


GDPR Settings2021-03-04T17:11:54+00:00

GDPR settings can be enabled within REACH to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens.

Donor Portal Access2021-03-04T16:47:55+00:00

REACH includes a self-service Donor Portal. Organizations can disable access to the Donor Portal if desired.


Fraudulent Activity2021-03-04T16:49:27+00:00

We have enabled invisible reCaptcha to provide additional fraud protection.

Donation Tracing2021-03-05T13:23:07+00:00

Several backend steps are taken during the donation process to help ensure donations are secure and completed.


Campaign Approval2021-03-05T13:50:06+00:00

Organizations can require admin approval before campaigns created by their donors are published. Organizations can also disable the ability for donors to create their own campaign.

Campaign Anonymity2021-03-05T13:48:41+00:00

Organizations can choose to make the donor’s name and/or the donation amount anonymous on the public campaign page.


REACH provides child sponsorship management, donor management, nonprofit fundraising, text to give solutions for nonprofits around the globe.

We are dedicated to providing nonprofits with a solution that is simple to use, effective and saves them time and resources.


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