Donor Portal Overview

With REACH, donors are automatically given access to a self-service Donor Portal where they can log-in and access their own information. 

Organizations can choose which options are included in the Donor Portal. View our Customizing Your Donor Portal article for more information.

Note: See our Onboarding Supporters article for more information on giving supporters initial access to their donor portal.

Organizations can post alerts viewable to all supporters in their Donor Portal. Check out the Supporter Alerts option under Portal Setup for more information.

Logging In

To login to the Donor Portal, supporters will need to go to your organization’s users sign-in page, which will be similar to:

They will be prompted to enter their username and password.

Note: If your donor does not have a password or has forgotten their password, they can use the Forgot Password link to set up a new password using the email address on file.  

To access the portal the first time, a supporter will be required to confirm their login through the process shown here. Once logged in, supporters can manage their own information for the various areas shown below.

Donor Profile 

Any information a Supporter adds here will be automatically shown in their Supporter profile on the Admin side.

  • List Primary Email and Username 
  • Include Date of Birth 
  • Include a Profile Photo
    • Note: If a supporter’s profile photo is added, it will also be shown in the organization’s admin console
  • Add to About Me Section
  • Choose to Allow if City, State and Country will be shown publicly when the Supporter donates to a Campaign, Project or Place
  • Add an Address  
  • Add Phone Numbers
  • Add additional Email Addresses (only primary will be used)
  • Select Contact Options
  • Add Other Info such as How Did You Find Us?, Supporter Type, Spouse Date of Birth, Mail Receipt, Deposit Held




Updating Payment Information 

Donors can store and select from multiple payment methods in their Donor Portal. Mark your Primary payment method, choose to Use for All Recurring Donations and then click on Use Payment Method should you wish to use another method on file.

Payment methods can be removed if it is not currently marked as primary or being used for a recurring donation. If it is, donors will first need to mark another payment as primary and/or update or cancel the recurring donation prior to removing the payment method.

Changing a Password

Donors can update their own password for their Donor Portal.

Note: Admins can also update a donor’s password by going to their supporter record in the Admin Console and clicking on Actions > Reset Password.


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