Onboarding Supporters

Every supporter with an email address that is added to REACH, by import or manually, will be automatically provided access to the REACH Donor Portal.

The REACH Donor Portal allows supporters to view their information and donations, campaigns and sponsorships. Supporters can also download their giving statements, update their contact information and update their online payment information.

Note: View our Donor Portal section for more information on this and how you can customize the Donor Portal. We’ve also included a donor support page with information on How to Login to the Donor Portal that provides instructions intended for your Supporters on how to initially login.

Once you have setup your REACH account and imported your records, you will want to notify your Supporters of the transition to the REACH system with information on how to start using their new account.

Here’s a process you can use:

First, we recommend you review your imported Supporter records to ensure the import completed and your Supporters are listed correctly.

If you have a MailChimp Account and have set up the Site Integration, you can create a newsletter to your REACH Supporters in your MailChimp account.

Or, you can create an email within REACH to send to your Supporters. We recommend you include the following information in your onboarding email:

  • A brief introduction to REACH and what our system does
  • Detail what your Supporters can do on their own using their Donor Portal (view and download their Contribution Statements, Message with their Sponsored Child*, View and Learn about the Initiatives they Support, Update their Profile, Update their Payment Info, Access Campaigns*, Start their own Campaign*)
    • *Note: Some features are not available on all REACH Plans.
  • Provide a Sign-in link
  • Add instructions on how to sign into their Donor Portal and set their password
  • Add instructions on how to start their Sponsorships within REACH

Here is an example email:

Hello {{ supporter.name }}!

We’re excited to introduce you to REACH, the new tool we will be using to manage our child sponsorship program, projects and fundraising campaigns. One of the reasons we chose this new system was for its many benefits to you, our valued supporter.

With REACH, you will have 24/7 access to your information. You can edit your contact and payment information, review your donations, print your tax receipt documentation and manage your sponsorships.

As a supporter, you have already been added to the new REACH system. Click on the below Sign-In button, enter your email address, leaving the password field blank, and click “Sign in.” You will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your password. If you do not receive the email, you can click the “Forgot Password?” link on the Sign-In page.

Sign In Here {Your Users Sign-In Link – this will be your REACH site name followed by /users/sign_in. Example: organization.reachapp.co/users/sign_in }

Email address to enter: {{ supporter.email }}

Once signed-in with your password, please complete these quick 3 steps:  

1. Verify your Contact Information

2. Review/Update your Payment Information. You may have to input your payment (credit card, bank account, etc) information here.

3. Click on ‘My Sponsorships’ and click the ‘Convert to Online’ icon to the right of your sponsorship information. Have more than one sponsorship? Click the ‘Convert All To Online‘ button to make one donation payment for all your sponsorships. Converting your sponsorships will ensure your sponsorships are set as recurring online sponsorships in our new system.

Should you have any questions, please contact {{ account.name }} at {{ account.email }} or {{ account.phone }}. We are so thankful for your continued support of our organization.

To set this up and email your Supporters from within REACH:

  • Go to Communication > Emails
  • Click on + New Mailing
  • Add a Subject
  • For Purpose, click on All Supporters
    • See note below on first sending a test email
  • Add in the Text
  • Use the Insert Fields to add in Liquid Objects to identify your Supporters
  • Click Send
  • Note: We always recommend sending a test email. For the test email, do not select a supporter group in Purpose. Instead, simply type an email address(es) in the Recipients field to receive a test email. You can also set up a Test Group to use by going to Supporters > Groups > and creating a Test Group.


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