CRM Automation

Our CRM supports a wide range of automations to make your job of running a nonprofit easier. We want you to be organized and make your most complex tasks easier to accomplish.

KPI Tracking

Benefit from a visual summary of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most useful to your nonprofit.

Our Admin Dashboard is configurable, allowing you to view key metrics in a format that is easy for you to digest with charts, 30-day and overall totals. Easily view your donation history, recent notes, recent messages, supporter activity, new sponsorships, sponsorship statistics, and past due sponsorships upon login.

Contact Management

Manage and track internal and external interactions and relationships with your donors.

REACH includes a database to store a record of contact and has the ability to track each donor’s status, engagement and associations. Alerts are automatically sent for a number of situations including donation receipting, upcoming payment, expired payment method and status change.

Reports Automation

Benefit from the ability to pull and filter reports on the metrics you need to better analyze your data.

Frequently run reports can be saved as templates, reports can be scheduled to automatically run weekly or monthly and exported for download.

Data Syncing

Donor activity such as making a donation, sponsoring a child, donating to a campaign, attending an event, being added to a group or segment and making a pledge are automatically synced with the donor’s individual record.

We also offer API access for your developers to use on our Pro and Pro Plus plans.

Tasks Assignment

Prevent your important details from being missed through admin tasks assignment.

Admins can automatically receive a list of tasks they need to accomplish upon sign-in. They can assign tasks to one another such as making a follow-up call or composing an email, checking on a donation and updating a sponsorship. Due dates can be included and once done, tasks can be marked as completed.

Customer Service Automation

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Whether you prefer a self-service option or want to interact with a human, know that you can. Contact our support team directly through your admin console, via email or over the phone.

Our helpdesk ticketing system ensures a team member will quickly respond to your request. Each case is routed to ensure a completed response and resolution. We also include a self-service option with our extensive Knowledge Base where you can find FAQs, User Guides and various How-To’s.

Re-Engagement Automation

Automate communication to donors in areas where they have already shown interest and provided support.

Donors can be re-engaged in your purpose through automatic notifications to changes or new messages in the Projects, Places, Campaigns and sponsorships in which they have previously supported or followed.