Donation Processing

Securely collect donations for your nonprofit with flexible and convenient donation processing. REACH allows you to accept one-time or recurring online donations and provides you tools to manage your offline donations.
Recent donations are prominently shown on our comprehensive dashboard, giving you quick insight into the financial health of your nonprofit so you can make smart, data-driven decisions.

Unlimited Donations

There is no limit to the number of online donations you bring in. Record any number of check and cash donations with no fees.

Create unlimited donation categories and customize them with various titles, keyword codes for text donations and general ledger codes for bookkeeping. Assign your individual donation categories as taxable or tax-deductible.

Custom Donation Forms

Personalize your donation forms by adding your desired headers, text, 501c3 information, privacy information and by rearranging the contact and payment fields. Embed your donation form onto any web page to make giving even easier for your donors.

REACH provides the ability to include a checkbox asking your donors to cover your processing fees and to make an additional donation towards any donation category of your choice.

Automations & Settings

Once a donation is processed, the REACH system automatically displays a customizable thank you message and sends a personalized email receipt.

Nonprofits can choose when the system will contact the donor based on the number of failed donations, when to assign a task to an admin after a failed recurring donation and when to automatically cancel the failed recurring donation. REACH also calculates and flags past due amounts in the Admin Console for supporters with recurring online and offline sponsorships.

Tracking & Reporting

REACH includes several tracking and reporting options for your donations. Easily generate a line item report of all donation activity for your account, campaigns and sponsorships. Track recurring donation records and quickly view details of failed transactions.

Assign and view soft credit, in-kind and matching gift donations. Better understand a donor’s history and their level of influence for your nonprofit.

Key Features

Improve your donor retention with flexible, convenient donation processing for your nonprofit.

Unlimited Donations

There is no limit to the number or amount of donations you bring in.

We don’t increase our prices for numbers of donation records.


Set your base currency and accept donations from multiple currencies.

Easily convert your donations from other currencies to your base currency for accounting purposes.

Secure & Private

We have several backend processes to ensure your donations are secure and completed.

We enable invisible reCaptcha to provide additional fraud protection.

What’s Included

  • One-time & Recurring Donations

  • Online & Offline Donations

  • Record & Track Pledges

  • Influence Score

  • Segment Donors Based on Donation Level

  • Donations via Text Message

  • Certified Level 1 Compliant Payment Card Vault

  • Choice of Over 100 Payment Gateways

  • Ability to Accept ACH/EFT Payments

  • Change Payment Gateways Anytime

  • Donor Portal Access to View Donation History

  • Generate Contribution Statements and Tax Receipts