Text to Give

Collect donations from your supporters for any amount, at any time, via text message. It’s included with all REACH plans and is convenient, easy-to-use and automatically integrates with your supporter records.

Customizable & Unlimited

Our Text to Give service is simple to use and setup. Choose your phone number and your keywords and schedule a text message to your supporters.

There is no extra cost for the Text to Give service – it is included with all plans. Unlimited keywords, unlimited texts and no maximum or minimum donation required.

Seamless & Integrated

REACH uses your supporter’s contact and payment information already on file to text their mobile number and charge the donations to the card on file. If the information is not on file, the system will reply with a one-time form to capture the information required.

Benefit from automated built-in replies, automatic processing of donations and seamless integration with your account in your Reports and Supporter’s records.

Key Features

Text to Give is the easiest and fastest way for your supporters to give. Donations are immediately captured and available in your Reports and supporter’s records.

Great for Events

Promote and display a keyword and phone number to have your supporters text in their donations right from their mobile device.

We want to make it easy for your supporters to donate via text message during your events.

Unlimited Everything

Set up any number of keywords and send and receive any number of texts. There is no minimum of maximum donation.

We want you to benefit from unlimited text donations.

Instant Capture

After making a donation, supporters will instantly receive a reply confirming their donation and be emailed a receipt.

We want you to obtain and confirm the text donations immediately.

What’s Included

  • Simple to use and setup

  • No extra cost for service

  • Uses current supporter information

  • Unlimited keywords

  • Unlimited Text to Give texts

  • Built-in automated replies

  • No minimum of maximum donation

  • Integrates seamlessly with your account

  • Choose your phone number and keywords

  • Built-in – no third parties involved

  • Charges to supporter card on file

  • One-time form to capture information not on file

  • Donations are automatically processed

  • Donate to one cause of purpose at a time