Child Sponsorship Software

A complete sponsorship management solution built with the help of non-profits like yours. Using REACH, your organization can create and manage a sponsorship program of any size. Customize your program options, tell their stories and connect and engage with your donors to help you sponsor more children, orphans, teachers, classrooms, women, indigenous people, elders, missionaries, church planters, pastors and more.

Easily View & Sponsor

Quickly and easily view sponsorships to make a connection. Link siblings and associate sponsorships. Control and adjust your search parameters by status, location, gender or other category.

Control the position of your sponsorships listed. Highlight sponsorships by biggest need or sort by position, randomly or alphabetically.

Simple & Connected

Organize your data and import your sponsorships into REACH using our simple import template process. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Stay better connected with your sponsors using our self-service donor portal, automatic reminders, notifications and moderated conversations. Generate QR codes for your sponsorships to link directly to their individual profile pages.

Flexible & Custom Sponsorship Program

Our software is flexible to meet the needs of your sponsorship program. We partner with organizations of all sizes, ranging from a few sponsorships to thousands of sponsorships in their sponsorship program.

Set up as many different types of sponsorships as you need. Choose how much a sponsorship costs, the information to display and how to divide a sponsorship into shares and types.

Any & All Sponsorship Types

Nonprofits use REACH to sponsor children, widows, program staff, classrooms, church planters and missionaries.

Sponsoring is a way to build meaningful relationships. We allow you to connect and engage with your sponsors, sharing the full stories of everyone involved in your ministry program. Sponsors can sponsor family units, households, siblings or individual sponsorships.

Sponsorship Checklist

What should I consider before adding my sponsorship program into REACH?
Download our pdf for a list of items your organization should consider to help simplify your setup process.

Regardless of whether you are creating a new sponsorship program or moving a current sponsorship program into REACH, we hope this list is helpful.

Sponsorship Checklist

Key Features

Save time and money as you launch and grow your sponsorship program. Streamline your communication and increase your sponsor retention.

Built-In Detailed Reporting

Easily create custom lists of your sponsors and sponsorship information using our built-in reports.

We want you to make sense of your data and gain clarity so you can thrive.

Online & Offline Sponsorships

Manage your online and offline sponsorships. You can also hide, disable or mark sponsorships as graduated.

We want you to be able to manage all of your sponsorships simply.

Integrates with Your Brand

Style your portal and have complete control over how to store and display your information on your website.

We want you to keep your own branding so we easily integrate with your website.

What’s Included

For Your Administrators

  • Notify sponsors of failed & past due payments

  • Track past due donations

  • Add background information for each sponsorship

  • Sponsorship photo albums

  • Add custom fields

  • Link Siblings or Family Units

  • Denote Biggest Need Sponsorships

  • Generate QR codes for flyers and sponsorship cards

For Your Supporters

  • Easily view children to make a connection

  • Receive regular communication

  • Automatic payment reminders

  • Self-service donor portal to manage your own information

  • Start fundraising campaigns for your sponsorship

  • Sponsor siblings or family groups

  • Choose from a gift catalog of sponsorship gifts