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Ready to learn more?

We offer personal demos for new accounts allowing you to get a firsthand look at REACH and ask questions that are specific to your organization. They fill up fast, so sign up now to reserve one.


New Admin for an existing REACH account?

We offer group training sessions for new admins of organizations that are already using REACH. Our goal with these sessions is to give you an overview and get you up to speed quickly.


Watch our Recorded Videos

We have recorded a series of demo videos for you to watch at your convenience. These videos will provide a general overview of what REACH can provide for your nonprofit.

REACH Overview: Demo Video #1

This video provides an overview of your REACH portal, which is automatically generated for your organization when you create a REACH account. Take a quick look at your customizable Homepage, Sponsorships, Donor Portal, Places, Projects, Campaigns, Events and Products pages.

REACH Account Settings: Demo Video #2

This video provides an overview of the various account settings and customization options you have within REACH.

REACH Sponsorships & Supporters: Demo Video #3

This video provides an overview of your various options for storing and listing your Sponsorships and managing your Supporters.

REACH Modules & Reports: Demo Video #4

Learn about the various modules within REACH and all of your reporting and exporting options we make available for you to obtain the data you need.

Visit our Demo Site

Click around our REACH Demo Site to get an idea of all REACH can offer your organization. You can view how your sponsorships can be displayed as well as your Projects, Places, Products, Campaigns and Events.