Sponsorship Gifts

Using the REACH Products module, you can create products as gifts for sponsorships. Most commonly, this is used when an organization creates a catalog of “approved” gifts that sponsors can select from to be given to or donated in honor of their sponsorship.

Once Sponsorship Gifts are set up, a Supporter can log into their Donor Portal and access the Gift Catalog where they can view and purchase available gifts for sponsorships.

Note: You can rename the Gift Catalog button in the Donor Portal, as well as create a unique header and footer for the Catalog page. To do so, go to Settings > Portal Setup > Gift Catalog.

To learn how a Supporter can purchase a Sponsorship Gift directly from their Donor Portal, view our Purchasing a Sponsorship Gift from Donor Portal article.

Here is an example of a Gift Catalog that includes Sponsorship Gifts:

In addition to being shown in the Donor Portal, Sponsorship Gifts can be publicly visible on the Products page. Or, you can choose to have them hidden from the Products page, or disabled from all public and Supporter pages.

Here’s how to create Sponsorship Gifts:

  • From the Products module, select Add a Product
  • In the setup form, check the box next to Sponsorship Gift
  • Select if you want this gift option available with all sponsorships or specific sponsorship type
  • Select if you want the sponsorship gift to Show on products page
  • Specify the quantity available for one sponsorship next to Sponsorship inventory
  • Upload an image, add Variants (optional) and add a description
    • Note: We suggest your images be square, sized to 900x900px at 72dpi. Images must be under 3MB. Images created at this size will save well and look ideal and uniform on your public pages.
  • Complete the rest of the form as desired
  • Click Create Product

Any purchased Sponsorship Gifts will be shown in the Sponsorship Gifts tab in the Products module. If a supporter purchases a gift, it will also be shown in the Donations list on the Sponsorship-Supporter record, and in the Sponsorship record.

To create a report of purchased sponsorship gifts, click on Sponsorship Gifts in the Products module. Select the report as Excel or PDF. The report includes the gift purchase details, the supporter, any shipping information, and the sponsorship.

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