Product Orders

This article walks you through how to place Product orders and how to view Product Orders.

Admins with their Permissions set for access to Products will be notified of new product orders, including the order information and shipping address in the email.

Permissions are available for Essentials, Pro and Pro Plus Plans.

Note: If you don’t want to give an admin full permission to Products, but want them to receive notifications of product orders that require shipping, select Ship Order under Notifications in their Admin User Settings

Ordering Products (Public-Side)

Note: Some of the features shown require that you update your REACH Theme to Quartz 2.3 or Ruby 2.3 or higher. Refer to our Updating your REACH Theme article to learn more.

When a supporter selects a product by clicking Add to Cart, the Cart will include: 

  • Item(s) with the ability to update the quantity or remove the item
  • Price
  • Ability to Purchase Another Product 
    • Note: This will navigate the supporter back to the Products list
  • Ability to Apply any Discount Codes

The Pricing section will include:

  • Subtotal
  • Shipping amount, if Shipping is Required
  • Any applied Discount
  • Total

Note: In REACH theme 2.3 or higher, there is now a Cart icon, with a number, displayed in the navigation bar when a supporter adds a product. If a supporter navigates away from the Cart page, they can click the icon to return to the cart from anywhere in your REACH portal. 

Once reviewed, the supporter will click Checkout to complete their purchase.

Ordering Products (Admin-Side)

Admins can also process product orders on behalf of their supporters.

To do so:

  • Go to the Products module to view all products
  • Next to the product desired, click Actions > Add to Cart
  • In the pop up window, select the desired Quantity and click Add to Cart
  • Once all products are selected for purchase, click the Cart button on the page
  • Confirm the orders shown, apply any Discount Codes if desired, and click Checkout
  • Add the Supporter and follow the prompts to complete the purchase

Note: From the Admin-side only, you can make a Product purchase recurring. After choosing the Payment Type, you will see the option to Make a recurring donation?. Check that box to make it a recurring Product purchase.

Once a Product purchase has already been made, you cannot Edit the purchase to make it recurring. However, you can either Cancel the first purchase and complete another one to make it recurring or add a new purchase and make it recurring from then on.

Managing Product Orders

In the Admin Console, Product Orders will be shown in the Orders section (Products > Orders) and will include: 

  • Date
  • Supporter name
  • Shipping Required? (Yes/No)
  • Confirmation number
  • List of items purchased
  • Total Items 
  • Total cost

The Details button provides more information about each order. 

Click on the Actions button to Edit, Print Receipt, Refund or Manual Refund.

From the Products index page, you can also Archive orders by clicking on the Archive button

This is most commonly used when you’ve finished selling a particular product or when you’ve completed the product order. 

 Any archived orders will still be viewable in the Archived Orders tab. 

A more detailed Product Orders report can be generated by clicking on the Product Orders Report button or go to Reports > Product Orders. Refer to our Product Reports article for more specifics. 


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