Product Orders

Supporters can order your Products by adding the product to the Cart and completing the checkout process as shown below.

An image of your product, the Title, Price, Quantity, Subtotal, Shipping Cost and Total will be included in the Cart.

In the Admin Console, Product Orders will be shown on the Orders tab and will include date, supporter name, if shipping is required, a confirmation number, a list of items, the number of total items and the total cost. 

The Details button gives you more information on each order.

You can also Archive orders by clicking on the Archive button. This is most commonly done when you’ve finished selling a particular product. Any archived orders will still be viewable in the Archived Orders tab. 

Admins with their Permissions set for access to Products will be notified of new product orders, including the order information and shipping address in the email.

Admin Users can also process product orders for Supporters. To do so:

  • Go to the Products module to view all products
  • Next to the product desired, click Actions > Add to Cart
  • In the pop up window, select the desired Quantity and click Add to Cart
  • Once all products are selected for the supporter, click the Cart button on the page
  • Confirm the orders shown and click Checkout
  • Select the Supporter and complete the purchase


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