Adding Products

REACH allows you to add any number of Products to sell in your online store.

Note: If you are using Products, you will need to update your REACH Menu to include a link to Products. Products can also be renamed. Common examples are Online Store and Gift Catalog.

An example product listing of a REACH branded mug:

To add a Product:

  • Go to Products on the left-hand side of your Admin Console
  • Click +Add A Product
  • Enter in your product information (Title, Price, Owner to associate with a campaign, Check if you want to Disable, Inventory amount, Taxable or not, Shipping Required, Shipping Cost, GL Code) and upload your product image.
    • Note: If you associate a Product with a Campaign as its owner, the Product will only show on the campaign’s page.
  • Add your Variants
    • Example: If you are selling shirts, you can produce one dropdown selection for Shirts with a size and color for each choice, meaning your Variants would be Red Large, Red Medium, Red Small, Blue Large, Blue Medium, Blue Small and so on. Or you could separate by color and then create your variants by size. For example, Green Shirt and variants would be Large, Medium, Small.
  • Add your Description in the text box field
  • Add Categories (optional)
  • Save Changes when complete

Note: Setting up Categories will allow you to organize by product type and create a list under your Products menu listing. For example, a Products menu could look like this:

– Clothing
– Books
– Coffee Mugs

In this example, Clothing, Books and Coffee Mugs are your Categories. A Supporter can click on each one to have a listing of the various clothing, books or coffee mugs you have for sale. You can find instructions on how to organize your categories under your Products in the Menus article. To Remove a category, go to Settings > Data Categories.

On the main Products page, all of your Products will be listed along with its associated Campaign, Category, GL Code, Price, number Sold , and in-stock status. From here, you can click on the Actions button to Add to Cart, Edit or Delete.


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