Products Overview

REACH allows your organization to sell unlimited products with unlimited variants per product using our built-in online store. The online store option is included with each REACH account.

It’s easy to add photos and videos of your items, separate them into taxable and tax-deductible pricing, set your inventory amount and include a flat rate cost per item to ship. 

Products sold, whether as physical items or as donations, will tie directly into your Supporters records. This enables you to keep track of which supporter has purchased which items.

Products will be available at your REACH website address as /products. Products will not automatically be included on your website’s Menu. Please see our Menu article for instructions on how to update your Menu to include Products.

Products can be disabled to not show on your public pages. For example, if your organization chooses to discontinue a product or only have it available for sale from an admin.

REACH also allows organizations to generate Reports regarding their Products. You can search, sort and export your reports to show products and product variants details. You can do so by going to Reports > Donation Details > Purpose > Choose a Product or Product Variant.

Selling Promotional Items

Use REACH to sell promo items such as t-shirts, mugs and hats to Supporters.

Create End-of-Year Catalogs

Use REACH to create gift catalogs for end of year giving.

Most often, Products listed in these catalogs are not physical items but suggested donations for specific items.

For example, in Christmas or end-of-year catalogs, we’ve seen organizations list items such as Bibles, chickens, computer stations, computer tablets, equipment for a medical clinic, goats, playground equipment, blankets and portable desks.

Sponsorship gifts

Create a catalog of “approved” gifts that sponsors can select from to give to their sponsorship. This is detailed in the Sponsorship Gifts article.

Fundraising Campaigns

Tie together your products with your fundraising campaigns to bring in added donations. Once associated with a campaign, those Products will be listed directly on your fundraising campaign page.


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