Payment Gateways

REACH works with the payment gateway of your choosing to allow your supporters to make online donations. Your organization must have an account with a payment gateway to use REACH online donations.

When it comes to payment gateways, we recommend REACHpay, which is a payment gateway directly from REACH. REACHpay is a PCI-compliant service through Stripe Connect. When using REACHpay as your payment gateway, you can use the REACH Fundraising, Sponsorships, Essentials or Pro plans.

REACHpay Benefits

Note: REACHpay is only available to US-based nonprofits.

Here are some of the many benefits of choosing REACHpay as your payment gateway:

  • Only one transaction fee processed to your nonprofit (no longer one fee for REACH and an additional fee for another payment gateway)
  • Secure, PCI Level 1 compliant through Stripe Connect
  • Accepts all major credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and ACH/EFT donations
  • Automatic Card Updater (automatically scans your supporter’s payment methods to identify and update expired or no longer active cards – which means your cards on file are up-to-date and no donations are missed!)
  • Enhanced Fraud Detection
  • Payouts directly to your banking account
  • Built-in Payout Reconciliation Report (view a summary of payout line items from REACHpay and their associated donations)

View a comparison chart to learn how REACHpay compares to other commonly used payment gateways.

To begin using REACHpay, view our REACHpay Setup article.

Other Payment Gateways

REACH has a partnership with a service who provides PCI-compliant payment method storage and payment gateway integrations. We are proud to work with over 100 other payment gateways.

To search for payment gateways supported in your country, click here.

To learn if we accept your current payment gateway, simply email us.

Or, if you already have a REACH account, go to Settings > Donation Setup. Click the Payment Gateway tab and then Select A New Payment Gateway dropdown to view a full list. 

Using a Payment Gateway during Your REACH Trial

In order to accept donations during your 60-day trial period, you will need to have a payment gateway set up.

Entering a payment gateway during your trial will not end your trial period. However, please note that any transaction fees from donations accepted during your trial period will be billed to your organization.

Your monthly REACH plan fee is waived for the first month of your 60-day trial period. Should you continue using REACH after your trial, you will be billed at the end of the your second month for your REACH plan fee and any transaction fees from donations accepted during your trial period.

If you cancel your REACH account prior to your trial ending, you will not be billed for your REACH plan but will be billed for any transaction fees from donations accepted during your trial period.

Note: Billing dates are based on the date of signup.

Connecting a Payment Gateway other than REACHpay

Once you have signed up for a REACH trial and have decided on a payment gateway other than REACHpay, you will need to connect the payment gateway to REACH.

  • Click on Settings > Donation Setup
  • Select the Payment Gateway tab for the Payment Gateway Setup area
  • Choose your Payment Gateway from the ‘Select A New Payment Gateway’ dropdown
    • Note: Each payment gateway requires different login credentials to connect. The information needed will be listed once you have selected your payment gateway.
  • Once complete, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes

When the page reloads, the information provided will no longer display.  However, your ‘Current Payment Gateway:’ will read the name of the Payment Gateway you entered.

Testing your Payment Gateway

We always recommend you run a test donation after setting up your payment gateway to confirm the set up was complete. A successful donation will display in REACH and in your payment gateway. You can then make a refund if desired.

Accepting ACH/EFT Payments

REACHpay does accept ACH/EFT payments. Please refer to ACH with REACHpay article to learn more.

We also accept ACH/EFT donations from the following payment gateways (please note this may change at any time):
Diamond Mind
Vantiv Express (formerly Element)
Moneris US
Payflow Pro
Sage Payment Solutions
Vantiv eCommerce

Changing your Payment Gateway

You can change your payment gateway at any time without disruption or notification to your donors. Once REACH has your supporter payment information, changing your payment gateway will not effect the supporter payment data.  

If you are switching from REACHpay to a different available payment gateway, you will need to contact support so we can disable REACHpay for your account.

If you would like to switch to REACHpay, please follow the instructions here.

If you are changing from one partnered payment gateway to another: go to Settings > Donation Setup. Click the Payment Gateway tab and then Select A New Payment Gateway dropdown to view a full list. 

When you have set up an account with the new payment gateway, select it from the list, and the screen will update with the new information fields where you will add the information needed to link to the payment gateway.

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