Payment Gateways

REACH works with your payment gateway to allow your supporters to make online donations. Your organization must have an account with a payment gateway to use REACH online donations.

REACH has a partnership with a service who provides PCI compliant payment method storage and payment gateway integrations. 

We work with over 100 payment gateways.

Our most used gateways are compared here:

If you are not currently working with a payment gateway, we highly recommend Stripe due to its ease of use, non-profit discount, all-inclusive price with fewer hidden fees and the amount of countries, currencies and card types it works with. 

To review what payment gateways work in your base country, please review this list:

To learn if we accept your current payment gateway, simply email us. Or, if you already have a REACH account, go to Settings > Admin Console and select Donation Setup. Click the Payment Gateway tab and then Select A New Payment Gateway dropdown to view a full list. 

We always recommend you run a test donation after setting up your payment gateway to confirm the set up was complete. A successful donation will display in REACH and in your payment gateway. You can then make a refund if desired.

Please Note: Only a few Payment Gateways offer ACH/EFT payments. If you need the ACH/EFT option, we do accept ACH/EFT donations from the following payment gateways:
Diamond Mind
Vantiv Express (formerly Element)
iATS Payments
Moneris US
Payflow Pro
Sage Payment Solutions
Vantiv eCommerce

*You can change your payment gateway at any time without disruption or notification to your donors. Once REACH has your supporter payment information, changing your payment gateway will not effect the supporter payment data.  

If you use a payment gateway other than Stripe, we highly recommend you learn and have a full understanding of any additional or hidden fees they may charge in the event of a refund or other occurrence.

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