REACHpay Overview and FAQs

REACHpay is a payment gateway directly from REACH! We offer this PCI-compliant service through Stripe Connect.

When using REACHpay as your payment gateway, you can use the REACH Fundraising, Sponsorships, Essentials or Pro plans.

Why REACHpay

We know cost and efficiency are of utmost importance to our nonprofit partners.

REACHpay provides you a payment gateway with less fees and the most up-to-date offerings and solutions, as well as security and efficiency features to cut down on your admin responsibilities.

With REACHpay, the only transaction fee you pay will be to REACH, and your entire donation process – including payouts to your bank account – will be handled within REACH. 

Simply put – using REACHpay as your payment gateway simplifies your donation process and lowers your overall costs.

REACHpay Presentation

Download our REACHpay presentation to share with your Board of Directors or other team members as you discuss making the switch to REACHpay. Contact us with any questions you have.

REACHpay Benefits

Here are some of the many benefits of choosing REACHpay as your payment gateway:

  • Only one transaction fee processed to your nonprofit (no longer one fee for REACH and an additional fee for another payment gateway)
  • All major credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and US bank accounts (ACH/EFT) are accepted. Note: You must request that ACH/EFT be enabled by emailing us. Once enabled, your donors will be required to manually link and authorize their US bank and personal accounts.
    • Credit card donations incur a single 3.25% transaction fee charged to your nonprofit.
    • US bank account (ACH/EFT) donations incur a $1 plus 1% transaction fee charged to your nonprofit.
  • Secure, PCI Level 1 compliant through Stripe Connect
  • Automatic Card Updater that automatically scans your supporter’s payment methods to attempt to identify and update expired or no longer active cards – which means your cards on file are up-to-date and no donations are missed
  • Enhanced Fraud Detection
  • Payouts directly to your banking account
  • Built-in Payout Reconciliation Report (view a summary of payout line items from REACHpay and their associated donations)

View a comparison chart to learn how REACHpay compares to other commonly used payment gateways.

Your REACHpay Information

On your REACHpay pages (Settings > REACHpay), you can view all of your account’s information.

Remember, to enable multi-currency and EFT/ACH, you must email our support team as this is optional based on client preference.

This includes: 

  • Status
    • Charges Enabled? (Yes/No)
    • Payouts Enabled? (Yes/No)
    • Multi-Currency Enabled? (Yes/No)
    • EFT/ACH Enabled? (Yes/No)
  • Payouts
    • Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
    • When not Daily, the Payout Week Day or Payout Month Day will be listed
  • Transaction Fee Rates
    • Credit Card
    • EFT/ACH
    • Multi-Currency


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about using REACHpay as your payment gateway.

What is the total cost for REACHpay?

There is no additional cost to use REACHpay.

When you use REACHpay, there will no longer be one transaction fee for REACH and one transaction fee for a separate payment gateway. Your organization will be charged your monthly REACH plan fee + a flat 3.25% in REACHpay transaction fees at the time of transaction. 

US bank account ACH/EFT donations (optional) incur a $1 plus 1% transaction fee charged to your nonprofit.

Multi-currency payments (optional) incur an additional 1% transaction fee.

Here’s an example:

REACH Essentials Plan with REACHpay:

$99/mo for Essentials + 3.25% transaction fees

REACH Essentials Plan without REACHpay:

$99/mo for Essentials + 1% REACH online transaction fees + any other payment gateway transaction fees for your specific payment gateway

Can any organization use REACHpay?

REACHpay is only available to US-based nonprofits.

My organization currently uses Stripe as our payment gateway. Does this mean we will automatically have REACHpay?

REACHpay is built on Stripe Connect. If you currently use Stripe with REACH, then you are using a Stripe standard account and do not have access to the additional features that will be offered using REACHpay.

These additional REACHpay features include Apple Pay, Google Pay, enhanced fraud detection, an Automatic Card Updater and the benefit of having your entire donation process – including payouts to your bank account – handled within REACH.

If your organization wants to use REACHpay, you will need to transition from Stripe to REACHpay as your payment gateway and proceed with REACHpay setup.

Does REACHpay include fraud protection?

Yes. Automated fraud protection is included.

How are payouts and deposits handled?

By default, REACHpay’s payouts will be distributed daily on business days, with a payout speed of 2 business days. REACH will transfer funds to your banking account each business day. The funds transferred will be for the donations received two business days prior. Organizations do have the option to modify their payout schedule. Learn more by viewing our Payout and Deposits article.

For ACH/EFT donations, funds will be withdrawn within 1-3 business days from the supporter’s US bank account. Please allow 2-4 business days for the donation to be marked as complete within REACH.

How do we reconcile our donations with our bank account?

When using REACHpay as your payment gateway, you can use the REACHpay Payout Reconciliation Report to search your donations and reconcile them as needed with your banking account. Learn more by viewing our REACHpay Payout Reconciliation Report article.

What supporter payment methods are accepted?

Using REACHpay, supporters can donate via an online credit card (all major credit cards are accepted), US bank account(ACH/EFT), Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Google Pay and Apple Pay are automatically shown if the user is accessing REACH from a device and browser that supports it and does not require any additional configuration on your part. For Apple Pay, this means accessing REACH from Safari on an iPhone, iPad or Mac with a card added to the Wallet app. For Google Pay, this means accessing REACH from a Chrome browser with a Google account signed in that has payment methods in a Google Wallet.

Learn more by viewing our REACHpay Supporter Payment Methods and ACH/EFT with REACHpay articles.

Does REACHpay accept multi-currency?

REACHpay supports recording donations in several base currencies using our multi-currency feature. Accept donations from various currencies and have them converted to your base currency. When using REACHpay, multi-currency donations incur an additional 1% transaction fee.

If you would like multi-currency enabled, so your public donation page can accept donations in other currencies using REACHpay, please email our support team.  

How are disputes handled?

When a donation is disputed, the organization’s primary email is automatically sent an email notification that includes a link to review the donation details. Other Admins can opt-in to also receive this notification.

Learn more by viewing our How Disputes Work article.

Will our donors know we switched payment gateways?

Possibly. There are several factors here to consider. Please refer here for our recommended email message to send to your supporters prior to your switch.

First, when using REACHpay, banks and card issuers have the final say in how transactions are listed on statements. Some donors will see your organization’s name, while some may only see REACH listed on their credit card statement.

During the transition process to REACHpay, as it would be with any transition to another payment gateway, there is a verification process that tests whether the payment method is still valid. Some card companies will show this as a pending transaction on card statements. For example, it could show as a $1 pending capture from REACHpay or REACH on a banking card statement. In these occurrences, there is no money charged and the pending transaction should disappear from the statement within a few days.

If you choose to enable ACH/EFT with REACHpay, any donors using ACH/EFT for their payment method must manually link and authorize their US bank and personal account in the setup process. US bank account (ACH/EFT) data cannot be transferred. Refer to our REACHpay ACH/EFT articles for detailed information.

What’s the benefit of telling our supporters we switched to REACHpay?

Using REACHpay, your donors can now donate using Google Pay or Apple Pay and their card information is automatically updated should it expired or have been replaced. If this is something your supporters have expressed an interest in, it would benefit you to let them know.

How do we switch over to REACHpay?

New REACH clients have the option to begin using REACHpay upon initial sign-up by choosing a REACHpay plan.

Current REACH clients can easily switch their payment gateway to REACHpay. Follow the steps in our next article, REACHpay Setup. Once complete, our Support team will provide you with a transition date and time to transfer your current payment methods automatically. You do not need to be present for this seamless transition and will be notified once complete. You can then start to use the REACHpay features in your account to track payouts.

Does it cost anything to switch over to REACHpay?

There are no fees to make the switch to REACHpay. If you are new to REACH and decide to complete a PCI transfer, there is a charge. Refer to the next question and here.

We are new to REACH and want to use REACHpay. Can we complete a PCI transfer to move our current payment methods into REACH?

Yes. If you are a new REACH account and have successfully completed the REACHpay setup process, you can request a PCI transfer of your supporters’ credit/debit card data into REACH so that recurring donations can continue uninterrupted.

As the supporter is required to authorize their US bank and personal account in the setup process, US bank account(ACH/EFT) data cannot be transferred. 

Learn more about the anticipated time for this process and the fees charged here.

Will we need to cancel our account with our previous payment gateway once we make the switch to REACHpay?

This is up to your organization to decide and to cancel when deemed appropriate. While there will not be a need to maintain another payment gateway account once all supporter payment methods are transferred, it is up to your organization to decide when you are free and clear of everything tied to your previous payment gateway account and then to cancel your previous gateway’s account on your own.

What happens if we want to stop using REACHpay in the future and switch to a different payment gateway?

If you decide to move to another payment gateway from REACHpay, REACH will provide you with a free PCI transfer to your new payment gateway.


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