Payouts and Deposits

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REACHpay is a payment gateway directly from REACH! We offer this PCI-compliant service through Stripe Connect.


When using REACHpay as your payment gateway, REACH will transfer funds to your banking account each business day. The funds transferred will be for the donations received two business days prior.

REACHpay includes a single transaction transaction fee of 2.9%. This transaction fee is taken from each transaction before the payout.

Note: You can run a Payout Reconciliation Report that displays fields for both the original transaction amount and the the transaction fees that have been taken out.

Once you begin to receive donations, you can review your Payouts by going to Donations > Payouts.

Your REACHpay Account Balance that includes the Available amount and the Pending amount will be shown at the top.

Payout data will include a table listing the Arrival Date, Stripe ID, Status and Amount of your payouts. 

Note: You can set how many entries to show and search payouts by typing in any of the included fields. 

Organizations can run a REACHpay Payout Reconciliation Report to view a summary of payout line items from REACHpay and their associated donations.


On your banking statements, deposits will include the date, REACHpay and the total amount. 

Here’s an example:

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