REACHpay Payout Reconciliation Report

REACHpay is a payment gateway directly from REACH! We offer this PCI-compliant service through Stripe Connect.

When using REACHpay as your payment gateway, this Report allows you to search your donations and reconcile them as needed with your banking account.

Note: The REACHpay Payout Reconciliation Report is only available to organizations using REACHpay as their payment gateway.

To begin, go to Reports > REACHpay Payout Reconciliation Report

Available search filters include:

  • Quick date range
  • Date range (Start Date and End Date)
  • Ability to Select Columns to Display

Once you have selected your filters, click Search. A report will be generated to use for reconciliation purposes. 

Example Report

The Report will include several fields which can be sorted, downloaded or exported as desired.


  • In the example above, the first line shows an Arrival Date of 3/10/22 and a Donation Date of 3/8/22. The Arrival Date is when an organization should see the the funds in their bank account as a REACHpay customer and the Donation Date is the date of the supporter’s donation.
  • The REACHpay Payout Reconciliation Report only reports online donations.

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