REACH offers multi-currency which allows transactions to be processed in any currency. Multi-currency must be accepted by your payment gateway.

REACHpay does accept multi-currency. Multi-currency donations – donations that are not using your base currency – with REACHpay incur a 1% transaction fee charged to your nonprofit.

Multi-currency allows you to:

  • Set your base currency to the currency your organization uses for record keeping
  • Accept donations from various currencies and have them converted to your base currency
  • View donations converted to your base currency
  • View Exchange Rate Field of multi-currency transactions

Important Notes:

  • Multi-currency is turned off by default. If you are interested in enabling multi-currency for your account and have confirmed it is accepted by your payment gateway, please email us to enable this option.
  • Any nonprofits that decide to use multi-currency need to be prepared for accounting discrepancies based on the economic fluctuations and stability, or instability, of the currencies being used.
  • When using multi-currency with REACH or any other entity, transactions are based on the exchange rate at the time of the transaction. Any refunds are issued in the processing currency, also at the exchange rate at the time of the refund. Since exchange rates are subject to change at any given time due to economic fluctuations, exchange rates may not be the same when processing the transaction and refunding the transaction.
  • With multi-currency enabled, any donations made are based on the browser’s location. Therefore, if you have supporters in country and they donate using a web browser in the country to donate to your organization, their donations will be in the currency of the web browser and are based at the exchange rate at the time of their donation. If refunds are later issued, the refunded amount will be issued in the processing currency and based on the exchange rate at time of refund.
  • REACHpay fees are also charged and refunded in the processing currency, which also may vary based on the exchange rate.

Base Currency

Your Base Currency should be the currency your account has set up for your record-keeping.

For example, if your organization is based in the United States, your base currency will be the U.S. Dollar.

With multi-currency in place, if a supporter comes to your site from Europe, they will see donation amounts displayed in Euros and their donation receipt will show in Euros; however, the donation will be recorded in USD for you to view in the Admin Console.

All donation totals for all accounts will be in your base currency.

REACH currently supports the following Base Currencies:

U.S. Dollar (USD)
British Pound (GBP)
Euro (EUR)
Australian Dollar (AUD)
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
South African Rand (ZAR)
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

If you have a need for another base currency to be supported, please email us.

Exchange Rate

The Exchange Rate is an approximation using Google’s currency conversion.

Since exchange rates are subject to change, this may not be the same exchange rate your payment gateway uses when processing the transaction. Because of this, the base currency amounts shown in REACH should only be used as an approximation.

Mail Merge and Email Templates

By default, the mail merge and email templates will show details in the supporter’s currency and amounts.

To change to the base currency fields, you can use the following liquid fields:

  • base_amount
  • base_currency
  • base_currency_symbol
  • base_deductible_amount
  • base_gift_aid_amount
  • base_total_amount
  • base_transaction_fees
  • exchange_rate

You may need to update your email and mail merge templates to show the currency symbol and code for the donation. The example templates in REACH have been updated to support this.

Use the examples below for reference:

{{ donation.currency_symbol }}{{ donation.amount | money_without_currency }} {{ donation.currency }}

{{ donation.currency_symbol }}{{ donation.transaction_fees | money_without_currency }} {{ donation.currency }}

{{ donation.currency_symbol }}{{ donation.deductible_amount | money_without_currency }} {{ donation.currency }}

{{ donation.currency_symbol }}{{ donation.total_amount | money_without_currency }} {{ donation.currency }}

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