A Pledge is a promise from a supporter to donate a specified gift amount over a period of time

For example, a supporter might pledge $2,400 to be paid over four years, by installments of $50 per month, or $600 yearly. Once the $2,400 has been paid, the pledge is completed and no longer tracked.

When a Pledge is made, the supporter does not have to agree to a standard recurring donation process – be it monthly, quarterly or yearly. However, by selecting “Make a recurring donation” when setting up the Pledge, expected payments will be tracked under Next Donation Due in the Pledges section.

The Pledges section is shown under the Donations tab in the Supporter’s record. In the below example, the Supporter pledged $1,000 to the Capital Campaign (purpose). The Supporter made a donation of $50.00 on July 19, 2021 (Last Donation, Received). The Status is Partial as $950 (Difference) is the remaining amount of the Pledge. The Actions button allows an Admin to Edit the Pledge, Add a Donation to the Pledge or Delete.

To account for a Pledge in REACH, an admin will need to create the Pledge record under the supporter’s account and then as donations come in (offline or online), the administrator can associate the supporter’s donation to the Pledge.

Create a Pledge for a Supporter

  • From the Supporter record, click the Actions button and choose + Pledge
  • Enter the Purpose, Start Date, Currency and Amount and add any additional notes
  • Note: By checking “Make a recurring donation“, you can track the Next Donation Due under Pledges in the Supporter Donations page.
  • Click Create Pledge

Once a pledge is entered for a supporter, the option will be available when adding a donation for the supporter.

Add a donation to an existing Pledge

  • From the Supporter record:
    • Select +Donation and Attach to the Pledge
    • or, from the Donations tab, find the Pledge and click Actions to Add Donation
  • If the donor has requested a recurring donation for the Pledge, select the Recurring Donation options when adding the donation. This will create a recurring donation attached to the Pledge.

Since Pledges are a passive process, REACH does not send any automated reminders as there is not an expected regular giving interval. REACH does track if the supporter has not given the total pledge amount by the end date of the Pledge. However, supporters are not automatically notified of this. 

If you wish to notify your supporters of their Pledge status, you can use the mail merge and email templates. 

To track how much a supporter has left to give on their Pledge, admins can view pledges in the Donation tab under the supporter’s record. Or, you can create a Pledge report to view pledges of all supporters by going to Reports > Pledge Details.

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