Supporter Groups

Groups are a way for you to organize your supporters in REACH by various characteristics, activity, interests, involvement, etc. For example, if you have a number of supporters that belong to a specific church, you can create a Group with the church name and then add those supporters to the Church Group. 

Tip: You can also add new sponsors to a group automatically. Under Account Rules, click the Sponsorships tab. Next to “Automatically add new sponsors to a group” select the group from the dropdown, then click Save Changes. This will give you an efficient and convenient way to view and communicate to new sponsors.

A Supporter can belong to more than one group, and the groups they are a part of display in the Groups box of their Supporter Profile.  

Supporter Group examples are:

  • Volunteer
  • Mission Trip Interest
  • Churches Visited
  • School Name
  • New Sponsors from ______ event

To create a Group:

  • Go to the Supporters > Groups
  • Enter a Group title, and add a description if desired
  • Click the green Create button.

Adding Supporters to a Group:

From the Groups Module

  • Go to Supporters > Groups
  • Next to the Group you want to add to, click Actions > View Supporters
  • Next to Add Supporter to Group, click New
  • Click on the Existing button if the Supporter is already in your system and you wish to add them to the Group. To do so, simply type in their name and from the auto-filled search, choose the Supporter and click Add.
  • Click on the New button to add a new Supporter.
  • Type in their information and click Add.
  • All Supporters included in the Group are listed at the bottom of the page

From a Supporter record

  • Click the Actions button and select Edit
  • Click the Groups tab
  • Click Attach to Group, select the Group, and Save Changes.
    • Note: Multiple groups can be selected for a supporter.

From Reports

  • Generate a Report
    • Note: A Donation Details Report will allow you to filter by Purpose (Project, Place, Campaign, Donation Category, etc.) and you can then filter by Purpose Item. For example, if you want to generate a Report on all donors to a specific Project (ex: Empowering Women), you can choose Purpose > Project; Project item: Empowering Women and include any other parameters, such as date, etc. to have a list of Supporters who donated to that particular Purpose.
  • Check the box(es) or click All to select the Supporters you wish to add to the Group
  • Click + Add Supporters to Group
  • Select your Group from the dropdown menu
    • Note: This includes all Groups created from Supporters > Groups
  • Or, click + New Group to create a new group
  • Click Add Supporters

From a Campaign

  • First make sure your Group has been created
  • Then, when Creating or Editing a Campaign, select it from the Group dropdown select
  • Anyone who donates to the campaign will be added to the Group selected

Once groups are created and supporters are added, you can click on Actions or the Group name to View Supporters, Edit, Export, create a New Email to the Supporters in the Group or Delete the group.


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