ACH/EFT with REACHpay: Overview and Setup 

You can accept ACH and EFT donations using REACHpay as your payment gateway. 

Note: This article only applies to organizations that use REACHpay as their payment gateway. If you are not using REACHpay as your payment gateway, here’s a list of other payment gateways that accept ACH/EFT that can be used with REACH. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you need to know:

  • To begin using ACH/EFT, you will need to email us to enable the option for your account. This will be available late April 2023.
  • It’s free to setup. You pay $1 + 1% per ACH/EFT transaction. 
  • You can ask your donors to help cover this amount by editing your Suggested Additional Donation Amount by going to Settings > Donation Setup > Donation Form Settings tab.
    • Note: The Suggested Additional Donation Amount set here will be the same suggested amount whether your supporters are using a credit card OR a bank account (ACH/EFT) to donate.
  • Please allow 1-3 business days for the donation to be debited from the supporter’s connected US bank account and 2-4 days for the donation to be marked as complete within REACH.
  • ACH/EFT transactions will be included on your REACHpay Payout Reconciliation Report
  • As the supporter is required to authorize their US bank and personal account in the setup process, US bank account (ACH/EFT) data cannot be transferred during a PCI transfer.
  • REACHpay supports 5,000+ banks, but there may be some banks that don’t support the authentication method used. For those, we recommend supporters use a debit card.

Organizations: How to Enable ACH/EFT

If you are using REACHpay as your payment gateway and want to begin to accept ACH/EFT donations, please email us to request we enable ACH/EFT for your account. 

When we receive your email, we will enable the ACH/EFT option for your account. 

Once enabled, your supporters will see US bank account as an available option when adding payment information in the donation form or when adding a payment method in their Donor Portal (examples below). 

Supporter View

Note: Refer to our ACH/EFT with REACHpay: Supporter Setup article to view detailed ACH/EFT setup instructions for your supporters. 

From Online Donation Form > Selecting Payment Method:

Donation Form > Add Payment Method > Continue > Payment Information screen

From Donor Portal > Adding a Payment Method

Donor Portal > Manage Payment Methods > + Add Payment Method screen

Once ACH/EFT is set up, supporters will see the US bank account they linked as an available Payment Method when donating.

From there, they can keep the box checked to Save payment method for future use, choose that payment method and click Submit to complete their donation.

After a successful ACH/EFT donation, your supporter will be directed to a Donation Confirmation page:

The Status will be shown as Pending until the funds have been withdrawn and the donation is complete. Funds will be withdrawn within 1-3 business days and an email notification will be sent to the supporter when it has been completed. 

Your supporter will also receive an email and text (if Text to Give is setup) thanking them for their the donation. 

At initial setup, your supporter will also receive an ACH Confirmation email confirming they have signed up and authorized direct debits from your organization. 

The ACH Confirmation email will list:

  • The Agreement Date (initial setup donation date)
  • Account Holder Name
  • Financial Institution 
  • Routing Number
  • Accounting Number (last 4 digits)

On the REACH side, please allow 2-4 business days for the donation to be marked as complete within REACH. 

ACH/EFT donations will be shown as any other donation within REACH – on the Donations Module, the Donation Details screen and on all applicable Reports.

Using the REACHpay Payout Reconciliation Report, you can view a summary of all payout line items from REACHpay and their associated donations.

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