ACH/EFT with REACHpay: Supporter Setup

Coming late April 2023, you can accept ACH and EFT donations using REACHpay as your payment gateway. 

This article describes how supporters can link their US bank account to donate to your organization via ACH and EFT.

Notes: This article only applies to organizations that use REACHpay as their payment gateway and have enabled ACH/EFT for their account. If you are not using REACHpay as your payment gateway, here’s a list of other payment gateways that accept ACH/EFT that can be used with REACH. 

For Supporters: How to Set Up & Use ACH/EFT

To begin using ACH/EFT, supporters must link their US bank account. This is a one-time setup process and includes:

  • Choosing their US bank
  • Agreeing to Terms & Conditions
  • Entering in their US bank credentials (login and password)
  • Selecting the account in their US bank to link
  • Saving the payment method for future donations (recommended)

After this process is complete, the linked US bank account will be listed as an available payment method when a supporter is logged in (if they chose to save the payment method).

How-to Add A US Bank Account

When a supporter goes to any Donation form page, they simply login and can click on + Add Payment Method.

Donations Page: +Add Payment Method

When a supporter is logged into their Donor Portal, they can click on Manage Payment Methods to add a new payment method. 

Donor Portal: Manage Payment Methods

Once a supporter clicks to Add Payment Method:

  • Add their Name(Account holder name) 
  • Click on US bank account 
  • Add their Email 
  • Bank account: Search for their bank
  • Once they’ve found their US bank account, they will need to click on its name.
  • The Terms & Conditions screen will appear. 
  • Review and click Agree 
  • They will then be asked to Enter your credentials to sign in to their US bank account.
    • In our example below, First Citizens Bank is the US bank account the supporter is attempting to link.
  • They will notice the system automatically working to establish a connection to the US bank account, verifying credentials and pulling up accounts. Once these processes are complete, any accounts in the US bank account selected will be shown.
  • Select an account to connect and use for donating
  • Click Link Account
  • Once linked, a Success! screen will be shown.
  • Click Continue with REACH

Once supporters have completed this one-time process, they can make donations from their US bank account (ACH/EFT) to your organization by choosing the US bank account as their payment method and completing the donation. 

After a successful ACH/EFT donation, supporters will see a Donation Confirmation page:

The Status will be shown as Pending until the funds have been withdrawn and the donation is complete. 

After the initial setup, a supporter will receive a one-time ACH Confirmation email confirming they have signed up and authorized direct debits from your organization. 

The ACH Confirmation email will list:

  • The Agreement Date (initial setup donation date)
  • Account Holder Name
  • Financial Institution 
  • Routing Number
  • Accounting Number (last 4 digits)

As with any other donation, supporters will receive an email and text (if Text to Give is setup) thanking them for their the donation. 

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