Sponsorship Images

Sponsorships listed in REACH require a profile image in order to be viewed on your public Sponsorships page.

All sponsorship images are centrally stored under Sponsorships > Sponsorship Images. You can Search by File Name to find the image you are looking for.

Note: If you do not have a sponsorship image readily available or prefer to not include an image of the sponsorship for privacy and security reasons, we suggest using a generic placeholder image. Common examples of placeholder images used are silhouettes or the organization’s logo.

Sponsorship images must be under 3MB in size and we suggest a square image sized to 900x900px at 72dpi. Images all created this size will save well and look ideal and uniform on your public sponsorship pages.

There are several ways to add sponsorship images:

  • add an image to an individual sponsorship profile
  • add multiple images directly through a sponsorship images upload as shown below
  • add a profile image along with sponsorship information for all your sponsorships with a sponsorship import
  • add a profile – and optional other images to be included in an album – with a sponsorship album import

Adding Images for Single or Multiple Sponsorships:

  • Go to Sponsorships > Sponsorship Images
  • Click +Add More Files
  • Check Match by File Name to match the photo to the sponsorship when uploading. To use this function, the file name of the image must be the permalink or external reference ID of the sponsorship.
    • The permalink is often the firstname-lastname. For example, if the sponsorship’s name is Aide Abigail, the permalink will be aide-abigail. External Reference ID’s are unique id‘s assigned to each individual sponsorships typically from a previous system.
    • If you choose Match by File Name, the system will add the image as the new profile image, and move the replaced image to the sponsorship’s Album.
  • Drag and drop files into the box or click the box to select from your computer files
  • Click Done

Once uploaded, you will see confirmation that the upload has finished as well as a record of how many uploads were successful and how many failed:


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