Sponsorship Album Import

The Sponsorship Album Import is intended for organizations that have multiple images per sponsorship and update the images on a regular basis. Most often, this is used by organizations who update their sponsorship images yearly and want to add the updated images to REACH all at once as a bulk action.

Important Notes

  • Before importing sponsorship albums, we recommend disabling your Settings > Account Rules > Enable Supporter Daily Digest Email Settings.  If enabled, a supporter currently sponsoring a sponsorship that has a new image added or uploaded will receive an automatic email later that night notifying them that there was an update to their sponsorship with a URL link to the sponsorship’s page. (A supporter will not receive this email if their Contact Options have been set to “No.”)  
  • For privacy and security reasons, Sponsorship Albums can be shown to Sponsors Only when logged in to their Donor Portal. To enable this option, go to Settings > Portal Setup > Sponsorships tab > Albums and check the box to Make sponsorship albums hidden from the public and visible to only logged in sponsors. Be sure to click Save.
  • When importing, we always suggest you do a test import of a few rows. This enables you to see how the process works and fix any errors if needed.

Add Images to your Sponsorships Album

1 – Upload your images

  • Prepare your imagesfor upload into your REACH account
    • As a reminder, we recommend a square image sized to 900px X 900px at 72dpi under 3MB. This size will save well and look optimal and ideal on your public sponsorship pages. 
    • Name them as you would have them matched. Refer to our Sponsorship Images article for more information.
  • Go to Sponsorships > Sponsorship Images.
  • Click +Add More Files
  • Select your files and upload – you will see when the upload completes or fails for each image

2 – Import album info

  • Next download your Sponsorships by going to Data Import/Export > Select the Exports tab > then select > Sponsorships List.
  • Then download the Sponsorship Album Import Template under the Imports tab
  • From the exported Sponsorships List – Copy the permalinks or external reference ID
  • Paste the permalinks or external reference ID into the sponsorship_id column of the Sponsorship Album Import Template (Sheet 2)
    • The Sponsorship’s Permalink or External ID is required to link the Album Image(s) to the Sponsorship
  • Fill in the image column(s) for your sponsorship with the file names of the images you uploaded to your REACH account.  Make sure to include the filename extension (case sensitive). 
    Examples: john.jpg | sally.JPG | fred.jpeg | susan.png, etc.
    • The file name placed in the “image” column will be used for the sponsorship’s profile image. If a profile image already exists, it will automatically be moved to the Album. If you do not want to change the current Profile Image, do not place a file name in the “image” column.  
    • Images placed in the other image columns: image_2, image_3, image_4, image_5, will be added to the Sponsorship’s Album.  If an Album does not yet exist, one will be created for the Sponsorship.
  • Use the move_current_image column to specify whether the current profile image should be added to the album when replaced.
  • To add a title or label under a photo, enter it in the image description column, it will display under the photo in the Album. Example descriptions include the Year of the image, or the Place the image was taken. Descriptions are optional.  
  • Save the file as a CSV file and upload into REACH by going to Data Import/Export and choose the Sponsorship Album as the Import Type from the dropdown.

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