Sponsorship Images

Sponsorships listed in REACH require a profile image in order to be viewed on your public Sponsorships page.

Preparing Your Images

  • We suggest a square image sized to 900x900px at 72dpi. Images must be under 3MB in size. Images all created this size will save well and look ideal and uniform on your public sponsorship pages.
  • REACH allows you to Match by File Name in order to match the photo to the sponsorship when uploading your sponsorship images. In order to use this function, the file name of your image must be the permalink or external reference ID of the sponsorship.
  • The permalink is often the firstname-lastname, so we recommend naming your file firstname-lastname.png. For example, if your sponsorship’s name is John Smith, name your sponsorship image john-smith.png for easy file matching. If matching by external reference ID, do the name with the unique ID provided by your previous system, so externalreferenceID.png.
  • The file extension should be saved in lowercase (.png, .jpg). Uppercase (.PNG, .JPG) will create an error.
  • Avoid using special characters or spaces in file names (e.g. instead of “john smith.jpg”, use “john_smith.jpg”)

Privacy/Security Concerns for Sponsorship Images

  • Please refer to our Sponsorship Privacy Options article for additional information.
  • If you do not have a sponsorship image readily available or prefer to not include an image of the sponsorship for privacy and security reasons, we suggest using a generic placeholder image. Common examples of placeholder images used are silhouettes or the organization’s logo.
  • Sponsorship Albums can be shown to Sponsors Only when they log in to their Donor Portal. This setting is available by going to Settings > Portal Setup > Sponsorships Tab. Under Albums, check the box to Make sponsorship albums hidden from the public and visible to only logged in sponsors.

Ways to Add Sponsorship Images

  • add individual images to an individual Sponsorship Profile
  • add or replace all of your profile images or add images for multiple sponsorships and connect them directly to their profiles through a Sponsorship Import
  • add a profile image – and optional additional images to be included in an album – with a Sponsorship Album Import


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