Adding Sponsorship Profiles

REACH allows you to manually add your sponsorships into REACH or to import multiple sponsorships at once.

Before adding sponsorships, make sure you have first set up your sponsorship custom fields and your sponsorship types.

You can import all your sponsorships into REACH at once from the Data Import/Export Module. See the Sponsorship Import article for instructions on the import process.


You can individually add, update, and manage your sponsorships in the Sponsorships Module.

To add an individual sponsorship to your program:

  • Go to Sponsorships > Sponsorships
  • Click the New Sponsorship button  
  • Complete the information for the Sponsorship and select any Project or Place they are connected to
  • If you Disable or Hide the Sponsorship, both options will keep the sponsorship from displaying on your public sponsorship page. If you choose to Hide a Sponsorship, the sponsor can still view their information once they have logged in.
  • Choose a Sponsorship Image (review our Sponsorship Images article for more on this)
    • Note: A sponsorship record will not be displayed on your public page without an image. If you do not have an image available, we suggest you use a place holder image.  
    • You can add your sponsorship images individually with each new sponsorship or import multiple sponsorship images at once. The REACH system will attempt to automatically match your sponsorship image to your sponsorship’s record if the sponsorship’s title is the same.
    • If you have already imported your images into REACH, click the blue button to Select Image from Media. From there, you can find and select the image you need. Otherwise, upload from your computer. We recommend sponsorship images are square in size, preferably 900 px x 900 px and under 3MB in size.
  • If needed, enter an External Reference ID.
    • Most commonly, this field is used for a student ID or an ID assigned from a previous sponsorship system
  • Information you add in the Description box will display on the public portal, viewable to anyone who visits that sponsorship page.
  • Click Save Changes

Next, we’ll go over adding Sponsorship Images.


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