Sponsorship Custom Fields

In this article, we will provide instructions for creating custom fields for your sponsorships in REACH.

Custom fields define what demographic and other information you want to capture about your sponsorships and can be shown publicly, to Admins only or to Sponsors only when logged into their account.

There is no limit to the number of custom fields you can create for your sponsorships. Custom fields can be shown publicly, to only admins or only sponsors.

Common custom fields used are Admin Notes (Admin-Only), Gender, Grade, Favorite Activity, Favorite Color, Immunization History, Updates for Sponsors (Sponsor-Only) to include for each Sponsorship Type.  

Here is an example of an individual sponsorship’s profile page, for Jasper Owino, that includes custom fields. The custom fields are Grade, Favorite Activity and Favorite Color.

Note: Jasper’s Age is displayed because his birthdate was imported or added in the Date of Birth field. For privacy concerns, REACH does not display actual dates of birth on the public side but instead, automatically converts the birthdate to a calculated Age.

To Create a Custom Field for your Sponsorships:

  • Go to Data Setup > Custom Fields
  • Click on + New Field
  • Add a Title
  • Choose Sponsorship Type as your Referral
  • Check the box if you want to Show in Admin Console only
  • Check the box if you want to Show to Sponsors only.
    • Note: Sponsors must be logged in to their Donor Portal to view.
  • Check the box to Auto-Increment Value as a Unique ID.
    • Note: This is ideal for organizations seeking increased sorting ability. We commonly see this used when organizations bring in sponsorships from a previous system that have been assigned a Unique ID. As new sponsorships are added within REACH, they want to keep assigning a Unique ID in order.
    • If checked, you can input the First Unique ID. This is the first number that will be assigned. Auto-incremented values for your records will add 1 to this base number going forward. (i.e. 1 to start with the number 1; 100 to start with the number 100)
  • Select the Type of Data:
    • Single Line Text – a short text field to hold information such as a Nickname
    • Paragraph Text – a string of text such as a sentence or paragraph
    • Number fields are used for numbers such as Age.
      • Note: For data that will need to be updated yearly (Grade / School Year for example), we recommend inputing as a Number in order for you to complete a Bulk Update yearly or as needed.
    • Date fields are used for any calendar date
    • Dropdown Select – to add multiple options to choose, for example a Gender field to select Male or Female; a Class field; or a Grade field.
      • We recommend using a Dropdown select field whenever possible for Sponsorships as these will also be listed as a filter option on your Sponsorship Module. Using a dropdown field for items with a set selection of choices will also help ensure correct entry and spelling when manually entering information, especially if you have more than one Admin entering information. 
    • Table can be created to hold a historical list of information.
      • Common examples of custom fields using a Table are: Immunization History, Admin Sponsorship Notes, Extra Info and Report Cards.
      • Note: Any Table field created for a Sponsorship or Supporter will be only available to Admins and will display as a tab on a record.
  • Click Create

For additional options with your sponsorship custom fields, please view our Custom Fields article as custom fields are also available for your Supporters, Projects, Places and Campaigns. Options include the ability to bulk update custom fields at once (such as advancing a grade for a new school year) and completing a birth date conversion should you have created a custom field for Age.

The next step in setting up your sponsorship program within REACH is to set up your sponsorship types.


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