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The REACH Data Setup area provides you with the tools you need to import your data and provides a list of Exports for download and review.

Data Setup is also where you will create any Custom Fields for your Sponsorship and Supporter records, and Custom Forms for capturing information from your supporters on your website.


We recommend using our import templates when you are adding or updating a large batch of Sponsorship or Supporter records. For example, when migrating data to your REACH account from another system. When first migrating information into REACH, the order of your imports should be: Sponsorships, Supporters and then Donation History. The imports will build on each other. 

There are import templates available to import your Sponsorships, Supporters, Donation History, Sponsorship Images and more into REACH.

Use the templates to build a CSV file to import. You can then associate your records using the various fields in the template.

Note: Once a file is submitted for import, it will be added to our import queue. Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation that lists any errors encountered.


Organizations can use the Exports feature to obtain lists of all data from a particular category – for example, all donations, sponsors, sponsorships or supporters. For a full list, view our Available Exports article.

After generating, the Exports are emailed to the Admin requesting the Export and also listed for 7 days in the Export tab.

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