Available Exports

Organizations can use the Exports feature to obtain lists of all data from a particular category – for example, all donations, sponsors, sponsorships or supporters.

Exporting is a quick process to obtain a list of all data compared to generating a Report to obtain a list. Exports will generate an Excel file for download. The Admin logged into REACH and requesting the Export will be emailed a link to download the file once available.  Exports are also available under Data Setup > Data Import/Export > Exports tab.

Note: Report Exports are exports from completed reports. Exports are any other export of data, not generated from a Report. Export files are deleted from the REACH system after 7 days.

Available Exports include:

All Data – Export a backup of all data in REACH. These options will create a number of emails, each with a different spreadsheet attached, such as Supporters, Sponsorships, Projects, etc.

Campaigns List – Export a list of all campaigns.

Contribution Statements – Export a PDF of all contribution statements.

Conversations – Export all conversations.

Donation List – Export a list of all donation records.

Notes List – Export a list of all Notes records.

Places List – Export a list of all places.

Projects List – Export a list of all projects.

Sponsors List – Export a list of all sponsorship supporter records.

Sponsorships List – Export a list of all sponsorship records.

Supporter List – Export a list of all supporter records.

* Any Custom Fields that are created in Table format are also viewable as Exports.

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