Custom Forms

REACH provides organizations with the ability to create unlimited Custom Forms to capture any desired data or information from your Supporters on your REACH website.

Note: To create a custom form to accept donations, please see our Donation Forms and Links article.

Common examples of Custom Forms are Event Registration, additional contact information, sign up forms for your newsletter, etc.

The Custom Forms main page will list the Title of the form, it’s Permalink and the number of Submissions. Available Actions are Edit, Share, New Email and Delete.

Creating a Custom Form

  • Go to Data Setup > Custom Forms
  • Add a Title and Description
  • Select a MailChimp List, if applicable
  • Review your Confirmation Options (what happens after a Supporters successfully submits the Custom Form)
    • Add an Email to be copied on the Confirmation Reply
    • Choose to Redirect to another website (a Redirect URL field will be shown if so)
    • Choose to Display a Message (type in Message in new field shown)
  • Click Create Form

The Form Fields tab allows you to add the various data fields to capture in your form.

  • Check the Find or Create Supporter box for REACH to automatically try to associate the form submission to a Supporter or Create a new Supporter
  • Select a Group to automatically add the Supporter submitting the form to a Supporter Group you have created.
  • Click on Add Fields to add the fields you want to capture
  • Add a Title, Select the Data Type and check the box if the Field is Required
  • Reorder Fields by Drag and Drop
  • Click Create Form

The CSS Styling tab allows you to add custom CSS to have more control over the appearance of the form. Add your custom CSS and be sure to click Create Form when complete.

Share your Custom Forms

Once created, you will see your Custom Forms listed under Data Setup > Custom Forms.

From here, you can click on the Actions button to Edit, Share, create a New Mailing or Delete.

Let’s use a simple Email Signup custom form as an example. Click on Actions > Share next to the Custom Form.

As shown below, you’ll be provided with a Link that you can share with your supporters to fill out the form and code to Embed the Custom Form on any pages you desire.

If you need any further assistance, please contact our Support team.


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