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Using REACH, you can create any number of donation forms and customize them to your preferences.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > Donation Forms
  • Click on + New Form
  • Under the Settings tab, include a Title
  • Choose if you’d like to set as the Default Form
  • Check the box if you’d like to Disable

Under the Amount Levels tab, you can set pre-filled amounts to show on your donation form.

  • Click Add Level
  • Add a Title and an Amount
  • Note: To delete, click on the Trash button
  • Change the order of the levels by dragging the levels up and down

On the Form Elements tab, review the various elements for your donation form.

  • Add any desired text for the text area next to the elements
  • Add a Separator Label if desired
  • Click on Add Elements to add any elements not required

On the Header Content and Footer Content tabs,

  • Include any desired paragraph text or images you’d like to explain the purpose of your custom donation form.

REACH also gives you the option to add custom CSS if you’d like to have more control over the appearance of your custom donation form. If you need additional help with this, our Support team can provide guidance or provide paid assistance using our Retainer Service.

Once you’ve entered all the specifications, click Create Form.

From your Donation Forms list, you can Edit, Share or Delete them.

When you click on Share, you will be provided with the donation form link and the embeddable code.

You can also Create a Custom Donation Form Link by clicking on the blue button. This is a simpler process that allows you to quickly input parameters such as a Purpose Type, Purpose, Affiliate and Amount. You can then select if a donation is a fixed amount, recurring, the recurring period if so, and fixed recurring. Click on Generate Link for the link and embed code to be displayed.

You can also create a custom QR code that will point supporters directly to the donation form. More information is provided in the article on QR codes.

To test the link, simply open a new browser window and paste the links into your URL bar. Your organization’s donation page should load with the parameters set. 

The custom donation form link can then be added to any donate buttons or text you wish. It can also be used on your Portal Setup, as your Call to Action button.

The embedded donation form code can be added to any website pages in which you have access to add HTML. Simply copy the custom code and paste it into your website where you would like the custom donation form to display.

Note: When using an embedded donation form, current supporters will not have the option to log in to access their payment information. However, if a current supporter uses the embedded form to make a donation, REACH will automatically attempt to match the donation to an existing support account by email address.

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