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Organizations can set up any number of Donation Categories using REACH. These are the categories listed in the Purpose dropdown box on the donation page.

Donation Categories are the classification areas in which the supporters donations will be distributed. These often include a General Donation, a Place, Project, Event, or a specific fund you set up.

You can select which to show, add additional donation categories, and reorder the listing of your donation categories.

Next to the Purpose field, this is how Donation Categories are displayed on the Donation Form:

Creating Donation Categories

Go to Settings > Donation Categories

  • On the Manage tab, select which options you would like listed in the Purpose dropdown on the Donation page
  • Note: By default, any active Project, Place or Campaign you create will already be listed as a donation category if the Purpose box is checked. However, if you do not want Places listed for example, simply uncheck the box.
  • Click on Save Changes

Under Add Category, add any additional donation categories you wish to include.

  • Add a Title
  • Add a GL Code if desired
  • Check if Taxable
  • Notes:
    • When you check Taxable for a donation category, all donations made to that category will be considered taxable donations and will not be included on your Contribution Statements.
    • When updating the Donation Category to change the taxable status, please note that this change will only be reflected in future donations to that donation category. Previous donations will not be updated.
      • If you need to update existing donations to reflect the change for the deductible amount, you can edit a single donation record. To find donations to review, we suggest running a Donation Details Report for any given donation category.
  • Choose if Hidden if you do not want it listed on your public donation form, but available to admin only
  • Click Add Donation Category

Under Active Categories, you will see the list of all donation categories that are currently available in the Purpose dropdown box on your donation page (if not Hidden.) Here, you can edit, hide, disable or delete them.

Under Disabled Categories, you will see a list of all donation categories that are not currently shown on your donation page. Here, you can edit, enable or delete them.

On the Order tab, you can click to drag your donation categories up or down to reorder.

Note: The top option will be the donation category shown by default.

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