If you would like to add additional web pages to your public site, for example a Contact Us, About Us, Staff, Matching Gifts or Privacy Policy page, you can do so by going to Portal Content > Pages.

To add pages:

  • Go to Portal Content > Pages > + Add a Page
  • Title is required – this will be displayed in the webpage header when using the default REACH Theme, and will be used when selecting to add the Page to your menu.
  • Parent – You can link a page to a Parent Page, creating a hierarchy/grouping of pages. Once at least one page has been created, you will have the option to select it as a Parent Page. For example, you could create a page titled “About Us” and then create a “Staff” page, selecting About Us as the Parent page. The permalink created for a page will reflect a parent permalink – for example,
  • Status – When editing the page, keep it as a Draft. When ready to publish the page, choose Published from the Status drop down. It is only publicly viewable when Published.
  • Redirect To – If you are using your own domain name with your REACH account, you can use the Redirect To field to build permanent 301 redirects for URLs you may have used on a previous site: Redirect To
    • Note: You can also create a page to use as a redirect within REACH. For example, you can create a “Give 20” page with a redirect to your REACH Donation Form with the Purpose set to General Fund and the amount set to $20.00 (see more about Donation Forms and Links). The page would have the url of: which can be shared via email and social networks.
  • Body – The Text box is where you would include any information and media you would like on the Page. For example, for the About Us page, you could write about your organization, explaining your history and mission. 
  • Tools > Source Code is where you can add embed code to include on your page. For example, this could be the embed code for your custom donation forms or the search tool plugin code when integrating with Double the Donation.
  • Click Create Page when complete

You can preview the page prior to publishing by clicking on the green Preview button. Note that pop-ups must be enabled to view the preview. 

To add your new page to your menu, go to Settings > Menus and select Pages from the target dropdown list. Note: The created Page must be Published first.

Read more about setting up your menu in our Menus article. Note: REACH is not set up to automatically support secondary sub-menus.

Once created, you can Edit your Page to change the permalink of the page. The permalink will default to the title given, but can be edited as needed. Note: Changing a permalink can break links if you have already shared the page.

To add your new page to the footer area, you will need to edit your REACH Theme and add it to the Layout Template.

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