Theme Design Overview

REACH provides a fully-functional theming engine to give organizations even more capabilities to customize the style and design of their portals. A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommend when editing and updating your REACH Theme.

For basic updates to your REACH Portal see Portal Setup.

A REACH Theme uses four main Theme Design components: layout file, template files, partials, and assets.

Our Themes section includes versioning, allowing you to keep a history of the changes you have made to your Themes so you can compare or revert back to previous Themes as needed. 

REACH Themes use Liquid Objects and other functionality based on the Liquid Templating language which has been used extensively since it was released in 2006 by organizations like Shopify, Adobe Business Catalyst, Zendesk,, Octopress, GoDaddy, and many other services.

You can create a blank Custom REACH Theme, however, we suggest going to the Theme Store and selecting an existing theme to use as your Base. Once you click “Use Theme” the theme will be available for editing. This will bring over all needed templates and partials for a working REACH Theme.

To get started:

  • Go to Settings > Themes
  • Under Theme Store tab, chose and click Use Theme to set as a base 
  • Under Your Themes tab, click the Edit button to make changes to your new base theme
  • Change the Name and Description for your theme
  • Click on the Edit icon to make changes to your Layout, Templates, Partials 
  • Click on Activate to start using the Theme

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