Updating your REACH Theme

We highly recommend you keep your REACH Theme current as this will provide with you with the most up-to-date features we offer. 
Our most current REACH Themes are Quartz 2.1 and Ruby 2.1.

Updating your Theme will update the code being used on the back-end of your site to our most current capabilities and features. Your sites appearance – color schemes, fonts, etc. – as well as your information and data will all remain the same. 

Pro-Tip: You can visit our Theme Store to preview our most current Themes. If you are considering one of the options, click Use Theme. This will add the Theme to the Your Themes tab but will not activate it. Then, navigate back to the Your Themes tab, and you can click on Actions > Edit to preview various areas, make any customizations desired and then once ready, click on Actions > Activate to use the Theme on your site.

Note: If you have customized various areas of code from your previous Theme, any customizations will not automatically be carried over when updating to a new Theme. However, REACH does include Theme Versioning which allows you to compare previous Theme versions and revert back or copy over any customized code once your Theme is updated.

New Features on Quartz 2.1 and Ruby 2.1

  • Donation Levels – Provide benchmarks to your supporters detailing what each donation level will provide (ex: $50 Emergency Food Relief; $100 Healthcare; $250 Computers for Vocational Training)
  • Biggest Need Filter – Denote certain sponsorships within your program as ‘Biggest Need’ allowing potential sponsors to quickly search and identify sponsorships within your program that have a considerable, urgent need
  • Ordering and Filtering Sponsorships – Include additional sponsorship filters and have the ability to turn the filters on and off as desired
  • Family Unit Sponsorships – Associate siblings or family groups among your sponsorships to allow potential sponsors to sponsor relatives of entire family units. 
  • Suggest Sponsorships if a Supporter Visits Missing Page – when a supporter navigates to a page that no longer exists, you can customize the page’s error message to suggest available sponsorships (shown at random)
  • Show Latest Updates for Sponsorships, Projects, Places & Campaigns – when creating Messages, any updates to your sponsorships, projects, places and campaigns will appear on the home page of your REACH portal
  • Newer Campaign Version – Increased functionality and improved layout

Updating your REACH Theme

  • Go to Settings > Themes 
  • On the Your Themes tab, you can determine the Theme you are currently using by finding the word Active next to the Theme 
  • If you are currently using a Quartz or Ruby theme lower than 2.1: (Quartz 1.0 for example) you can go to Actions > Edit. 
  • On the next screen, click on Update Theme
  • If you are using a previous REACH theme: go to the Theme Store tab and preview our Quartz 2.1 and Ruby 2.1 Themes 
    •   Note: These Themes are very similar in functionality, the primary difference is the appearance. 
  • Click Preview to view each Theme and determine your preference.
  • When ready, click Use Theme under your Theme of choice
  • Under the Your Themes list, find the new Theme and click Actions > Activate. Your Theme will then be the Active theme used on your site.

Theme Versioning

If you want to review customized code from a previous theme, you can navigate back to that Theme and review your previous code.

Next to the Themes Layouts, Templates or Partials, click on Edit. If multiple versions have been created, you can click on Compare Versions

From here, you can review the code changes (the date is shown and the code will be highlighted in red and green) and click Compare or Revert to go back to a previous version.

For further developer documentation on our REACH Themes, see our Developer Resources section

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