Biggest Need Sponsorships

Organizations can label a sponsorship as Biggest Need to denote sponsorships in their program that are in the most need of sponsorship.

If a sponsorship is labeled as Biggest Need in their sponsorship record, their sponsorship listing and sponsorship profile will be flagged with the wording “Biggest Need” regardless if you display the Biggest Need Filter option or not.

To mark a sponsorship as Biggest Need, go to Sponsorships > click Edit next to their Sponsorship record and check the box next to Biggest Need as shown below:

Here is how Biggest Need is shown flagged on the public side.

On a sponsorship search:

On a public sponsorship profile page:

Note: If you are not using a Quartz 2.0 or Ruby 2.0 Theme and wish to display the Biggest Need flag or add additional filters listed above, please contact our Support team.

To check your Theme and update to a new Theme version, please visit our Themes article.

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