Donation Details Report

The Donation Details Report will generate a line item report of all donation activity for your account, campaigns, sponsorships, etc. 

Filter Donations by Date Range

The first options allow you to choose Quick Date Range or a Start Date and an End Date when filtering your donations to answer questions like:

  • What donations were made this week? (Quick Date Range > This Week)
  • What donations were made January 1st – February 15th? (Date range > Start Date of January 1st and End Date of February 15th)

Filter Donations by Individual Details

Below that, you have more options to filter your Donations to answer questions like these:

  • Which donations were made by members of the First Church Group? (Group > First Church)
  • Which donations came in through supporters referring others to our organization? (Affiliate Code > Search All or choose a specific supporter)
    • Note: Affiliate Codes can be found on a supporter’s profile record. Supporter’s can use those codes to refer donors to your organization. When a donation is made using the link with their affiliate code, donations will record the supporter as the referral and will be shown here on the Donation Details report)
  • Which donations were made using my Giving Tuesday Donation form? (Donation form > Giving Tuesday)
  • Which donations were made to the Empowering Women Project? (Purpose > Project and then Project item > Empowering Women)
    • Note: Check the box if you want to include donations to any sponsorships that are associated to the Project. If you do, we also recommend clicking on Select Columns to Display and checking Referral and Referral Type.
  • Which donations were made by Check? (Payment Type > Check)
  • Which donations were one-time donations? (Recurring or One-Time > One-Time)
  • Which recurring donations have completed? (Recurring or One-Time > Recurring)
  • Which supporters have active recurring donations? (Status > Ongoing)
  • Was the donation taxable? (Taxable > If Taxable = True)

Filter Donations by Grouping and Tags

The next options pertain to how you group your resulting donation report results or filter by donation tags or supporter tags to:

The Group By area will give your Totals based on either Purpose, Date or Supporter

  • None – will not group
  • Purpose – Will list the Purpose of the donation and then the Totals (Item Amount, Transaction Fees, Deductible Amount and Total Amount based on Purpose)
  • Date – Will list the Date of the donation and then the Totals (Item Amount, Transaction Fees, Deductible Amount and Total Amount based on Purpose)
  • Supporter – Will list the Supporter and then the Totals (Item Amount, Transaction Fees, Deductible Amount and Total Amount based on Purpose)

Which donations were tagged as Do Not Email? (Donation tags > Do Not Email)

Which supporters who donated were assigned via tag to Admin:Renee? (Supporter tags > Admin: Renee)

Filter Donations by Supporter Filters

The next group of filters are based on the supporter custom fields your organization has set up under Data Setup > Custom Fields for Supporters.

Any of these supporter custom fields will be shown here as a filtering option.

Additionally, you can filter by a supporter state or supporter country. Both options are based on the supporter’s primary address. 

Additional Options

As with all Reports in REACH, you can save as a Report Template to use later and/or schedule as an auto-generated weekly or monthly recurring report.

The Select Columns to Display button can be used to add additional filtering options to your generated report. Any custom fields you have created for your sponsorships will be shown here. Simply click the checkbox to include any of these columns in your generated Report.  

Click Search to generate your Sponsors Report.

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