PCI Transfer

A PCI transfer will help ensure that your organization’s recurring donations are not interrupted. It is a secure file transfer of credit/debit card data into or out of REACH so that your supporter payment information is saved and available, and any recurring donations can continue uninterrupted.

A PCI transfer is a complicated process that takes time and does have associated fees from REACH and possibly also from your payment gateway (fees vary per payment gateway).

Organizations must contact their payment gateway to request and initiate the process, regardless of if the payment information is being moved into or out of REACH.

It is up to the payment gateway to accept the request and initiate the transfer. After your payment gateway accepts and sends the requested information, it can take an additional two weeks for the file to be processed.

If you are interested in bringing your supporter payment information into REACH, please contact our Support team so we can discuss details and guide you in the process.

REACH charges a fee for a PCI transfer due to the time it takes to process the file and update your supporter information. When you contact us, we will request details in order to provide you with an estimate.

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