Family Unit (Grouping) Sponsorships

REACH allows you to group your sponsorships into a Family Unit.

Organizations can use this to link siblings, for example, or to associate any sponsorships together that are not necessarily related. We understand that each organization has a unique setup and this is intended to be a way to associate sponsorships together.

Once grouped, potential sponsors can search your sponsorships by Family Unit name and sponsor an individual member of the family unit, sponsor a set of members or choose to sponsor an entire family unit (optional).

Grouped sponsorships will also be displayed on each Sponsorship profile in the Admin Console.

Note: To fully use the Family Unit Sponsorship option, you must be using a current REACH Theme. Learn how to easily update your REACH Theme.

Here is how Family Unit Sponsorships look on the public portal: 

Example of the ability to sponsor a Family Unit. Note there is a Sponsor Now button for a unique family sponsorship; additionally, associated family members are listed below for easy viewing and individual sponsorship.

Example without the ability to sponsor the Family Unit. Note there is no Sponsor Now option, but the family members are listed below for easy viewing and individual sponsorship.

Example of an individual sponsorship associated to a family unit. Note that other connected members are listed below for easy viewing and sponsorship, as well as buttons to view the group sponsorship.

Grouping Your Sponsorships

To begin grouping your sponsorships into Family Units, you will need to: 1)Create a Sponsorship Type for the Family Unit and select “Allow Grouping”, 2)Create a Sponsorship Type for the individual members and “Associate to the Family Unit”, 3)Create a parent Family Unit Sponsorship record, and 4)Either add new sponsorships or edit your current sponsorships to group them together.

Here is your step-by-step guide:

1. Create a Sponsorship Type for your Family Units (groups)

– Go to Sponsorships > Sponsorship Type
– Click on + New Sponsorship Type
– Add a Title, we suggest “Family Unit Sponsorship” or “Grouped Sponsorship
– Check the Allow Grouping by Family Unit box
– Choose whether to create a sponsorship option for the family unit:
– If you do not want sponsors to be able to sponsor the entire family unit for a set cost – Set the share cost to $0 and the Sponsor Now option will not be shown on the public sponsorship page.
– If you do want sponsors to be able to sponsor the entire family unit for a set cost – Set the number of Shares, and the Cost per Share to your desired amount, and the Recurring Period for payments – just as you would for an individual sponsorship.
For example, set the number of shares to 1, the Cost per Share to $150, Recurring Period to monthly and enabled the options for quarterly, biannual and yearly. Sponsors can then sponsor the entire family on a recurring basis for $150/month.

– Click Save Changes

2. Set up a Sponsorship Type to Associate Individual Sponsorships

– Go to Sponsorships > Sponsorship Types
– Determine which Sponsorship Type(s) you want to allow to be grouped click Edit
– (Or create a new Sponsorship Type)
– Under the Details tab, for the Associate to Family Unit field, select the Sponsorship Type you set from Step #1 (For our example we selected the Family Sponsorship just created)
– Now when you create any individual sponsorship of this type, you will have the option to associate it with the appropriate family unit, as shown in the next step
– Click Save Changes

Note: For our example, we list our child sponsorships under our Individual Sponsorship type, so we have edited our Individual Sponsorship type to associate to the Family Sponorship type we just created above.

The next step is to create you parent sponsorship record for each family unit. This is commonly the last name of the family and will be used to associate the individual sponsorship records within the family unit together. When a potential sponsor is searching for sponsorships and filters by Family Unit, this will be the name that comes up in their search.  

In our example, the parent Sponsorship record is “Amin Family.”

3. Create a Family Unit Parent Record

– Go to Sponsorships > +New Sponsorship
– Provide a Title/Name (commonly the last name)
– Under Sponsorship Type, select Family Sponsorship (or the sponsorship type you have named for Family Units)
– Add a family/group profile picture (we suggest 900px X 900px)
– Click on Save Changes
– Do this for each family or group

4. Connect your individual Sponsorships to the family/group

– Go to Sponsorships and locate the Sponsorship you wish to add to the family/group
– Click on either the Sponsorship name or Action -> Edit to edit the Sponsorship record
– Or click + New Sponsorship to add a new one
– If this is a new sponsorship, first select your Sponsorship Type that is for Family Units
– Next to Family Unit, select the appropriate parent record (In our example, it’s Amin Family)
– Click on Save Changes
– Do this for each individual sponsorship associated to the parent record

5. Display grouped sponsorships:

Once you have grouped / associated the sponsorships into Family Units as desired, family unit associations should properly display on your public portal.

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