Sponsorships Report

The Sponsorships Activity Report will list all of your sponsorships records. 

Note: This Sponsorships Report is for the sponsorships in your program, while our Sponsors Report is for your supporters that sponsor the sponsorships in your program. 

Use the Sponsorships Report to easily create a custom list of your sponsorships.

Filters Sponsorships by Date Range

The next several options allow you to choose Quick Date Ranges or Start Date and a End Date to answer questions like these:

  • Which sponsorships were created this month? (Quick Date Range > This Month)
  • Which sponsorships were set up from January – July (Date range)
  • Which sponsorships were born today (Sponsorship date of birth > Start Date: today’s date End Date: today’s date)
  • Which sponsorships were born in March? (Sponsorship month of birth > March)

Filter Sponsorships by Individual Details

Below that, you have more options to filter your Sponsorships to answer questions like these:

  • Which sponsorships need a sponsor? (Sponsored status > select both Partially Sponsored and Unsponsored)
  • Which sponsorships have left the program/disabled? (Program Status > Left Program (Disabled)
  • Which sponsorships are hidden from public view? (Sponsorship visibility > Hidden)

Filter Sponsorships by Organizational Details

Below that, you have more options to filter your Sponsorships by how your organization has set them up, to answer questions like these:

  • Which sponsorships are in my Primary School Sponsorship type? (Sponsorship type > Primary School) 
  • Which sponsorships are in my Empowering Women Project? (Project > Empowering Women)
  • Which sponsorships are in Haiti? (Place > Haiti)
  • Which sponsorships are Female> (Category > Female)
  • Which sponsorships are tagged to Admin: Renee (Sponsorship tags: Admin: Renee)

Additional Options

Optionally, you can also Include sponsor details when generating your Sponsorships Report by checking the corresponding box. This will include who is sponsoring the sponsorship in the generated report.

As with all Reports in REACH, you can save as a Report Template to use later and/or schedule as an auto-generated weekly or monthly recurring report.

The Select Columns to Display button can be used to add additional filtering options to your generated report. Any custom fields you have created for your sponsorships will be shown here. Simply click the checkbox to include any of these columns in your generated Report.  

Click Search to generate your Sponsorships Report.

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