Places Overview

Places are the locations in which your organization is working. It could be a suburb, a location in Haiti, Zimbabwe, or a village in China for example. Places are used to help you tell the story of the locations in which you serve.

Supporters can go to the page and see specific information about the work being done at that particular Place. You can mark the place on a map, post updates, share videos, include a tag, add photos and Albums, and include suggested donation levels to the Place.

Supporters who have followed or donated to any Project, Campaign or Sponsorship associated with that Place will be automatically notified when new updates are posted.

Organizations can click on Actions > Generate QR Code to quickly generate a QR code that they can use to digitally direct supporters to their main Places page.

From the Place admin dashboard, you can track fundraising progress, get a snapshot of current information, send emails to Place supporters, provide updates for the public page, and add an Album of photos.

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