Account Rules

Your Account Rules settings allows you to manage automated actions and settings related to your supporters and your Sponsorships, Campaigns and Recurring Donations.

To review and manage your Account Rules:

  • Go to Settings > Account Rules
  • Review your options under all tabs to establish and set your rules
  • Click Save Changes

Some notes about each tab:

General Account Rules

  • Admin Console Date Format – Admin Console Date Format will change date display in the Admin Area, but not on any date entry field which uses a calendar pick option.
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA – automatically enabled for all organizations to provide further fraud protection. An organization may choose to disable reCAPTCHA if you have multiple supporters reporting invalid reCAPTCHA errors.
  • We recommend disabling all supporter emails while you set up your REACH account.
  • Enable Supporter Daily Digest Email – when checked, supporters will receive daily updates on ALL updates to Projects, Places and Campaigns.
  • The GDPR is a European Union consumer privacy regulation – you can find out more about this setting in the Glossary.

Sponsorships Account Rules

  • Automatically add supporters to a group – note that Groups are set up under Supporters > Groups
  • If you bypass the cart page, supporters who are donating to multiple items (i.e. choosing more than one sponsorship) will not see a list of their selections prior to completing their information on the donation page. 
  • Asking sponsors to include an additional recurring donation will add a recurring donation to the sponsorship. You can choose any Project, Place or Donation Category you have set up, include the text you wish to display and a suggested amount.
    • Note: If you do not want to provide a suggested amount, simply set the amount to $0.
    • Common Example: Request that sponsors add $5 as a General Donation to their recurring sponsorship donation. Here’s how this would look:
  • If ordering Sponsorships by Position, the Positions for sponsorships can be set within each Sponsorship record. Position allows you to move sponsorships up in the list displayed to the public. The higher the number means the better the rank in the list. For example a record with the position of 1000 is displayed before a record with the position of 0 or 100.

Campaigns Account Rules

Recurring Donations Account Rules

  • “Notify donor of failed recurring donation after – x Failures”
    • The number set here determines how many times (days) the system will attempt to process the donation.
    • After the number of failed donations set here, the supporter will get an Error Email which your organization is blind copied on – the donation will not try to process again until the supporter or an admin updates the payment information.  
  • “Assign Admin task to follow up on a failed recurring donation after – X Failures”
    • The number set here determines when the admin will receive a notification of the failure.
    • This number should be the same or lower than for the donor – for example, you cannot have 1 Failure for donors, and 3 Failures for the admin.
  • Visit Resolving Donation Errors to see more about Failed Recurring Donations

If a recurring donation fails, REACH does not automatically attempt to use the supporter’s primary payment method on file (since February 2022). Should your organization want REACH to attempt to use the supporter’s primary payment method after a failed recurring donation using another payment method, you will need to check the box for: Try supporter’s primary payment method on recurring donation payment method failure.

Note: A supporter’s record will need to have a payment method marked Primary. To learn more, see our Updating Payment Information article.

As always, be sure to click on Save Changes once complete.


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