Supporters Report

The Supporters Report will list all of your supporters records and helps you delve into their engagement with your organization.

The New Supporters Report will list supporter records that were created in a given date range.

Note: You can also use Supporter Segments and Supporter Groups to further classify your supporters. These are available on Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus plans.

When generating a Supporters report, you have the option of choosing if all results should be supporters or meet all selected criteria (AND) or any of the selected criteria (OR).

You can save the report as a Report Template for later use. You will just need to enter a name.

You can also Schedule as a recurring report by checking the box and then choosing Weekly > Day of the Week or Monthly > Day of the Month.

Click on Select Columns to Display to check to include (or remove) other options for your supporters report. The boxes checked here will display when the Report is generated.

Click Search to generate your Supporters Report.

Filters Supporters by Date Range

The next several options allow you to choose Quick Date Ranges or Start Date and a End Date to answer questions like these:

  • Supporter since date range (How long have they been a supporter?)
  • Last sign in at date range (When did the supporter last sign in?)
  • Last donation date range (When did the supporter last donate?)
  • Last sponsorship donation date range (When did the supporter last donate to a sponsorship?)
  • Supporter dob date range (Which supporters have birthdays this month?)

Filter Supporters by Individual Details

Below that, you have more options to filter your Supporters to answer questions like these:

  • Which supporters were born in March? (Supporter Month of Birth Filter)
  • Which supporters are currently sponsors, have never sponsored or are former sponsors? (Sponsorship Filter)
  • Which supporters have email addresses? (Email Filter)
  • Which supporters have unsubscribed? (Contact Filter)
  • Which supporters do not want to be contacted? (Contact Filter)
  • Which supporters have been disabled or are active? (Disable Filter)
  • Which supporters are head of household? (Head of Household Filter)
    • Note: When using the Head of Household filter, selecting Include Only Head of Household will generate a list of only the Head supporter per household. This will include persons who are the only household member as well.
  • Which supporters are in this Group? (Group)
  • Which supporters live in Alabama? (Supporter State)
  • Which supporters live in France? (Supporter Country)

Note: Supporter State and Supporter Country are based on the supporter’s primary address. The address in the supporter record must be marked as primary to be returned using these filters.

LYBNT vs SYBNT (Last Year But Not This Year vs. Some Year But Not This Year)

You can also use this report to determine which donors or sponsors have given at a certain time but not another time.

To review LYBNT/SYBNT supporters, set the Last Donation Date Range as desired to a time period prior to the current year.

Or, for a complete overview, do not set any parameters and simply click Search to generate the report. This will return all supporters. Use the Last Donation date column to determine which supporters gave last year but not this year or some year but not this year.

To review LYBNT/SYBNT sponsors, use the sponsorship filter and select Former Sponsors and generate the report. This will return all supporters who have sponsored in the past but are not current sponsors. Use the Last Sponsorship donation date column to determine when the supporter last sponsored.

Once generated, you will have the option to Search through the records, select any number (or All) records and Add to a Supporter Group, download or export the report, generate a mail merge or email.

New Supporter Report

Additionally, you can run a New Supporters Report if you are wanting a list of supporter records created in a given date range.

This Report has more simplified filtering options and is intended to show supporters based on date created.

Once generated, the New Supporters Report will list:

  • Supporter Since
  • Supporter
  • Donations, total number
  • Total Donated
  • Sponsorships, total number

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