Supporter Segments

In REACH, you can create segments to report your supporter activity including donation count, donation amount, sponsorship count, and campaign count.

For example, you can set up a segment that will list all supporters who have given over $1,000.00 in the past year.

Along with the ones shown above, here are some other examples of Segments:

  • Currently Sponsoring
  • Cancelled Sponsorships
  • Number of Sponsorships
  • Given-over Amount
  • Giving Amount
  • Never Given

Segments can be defined by Object, Time Period and Segment Type.

Object: The type of data that should be reviewed when creating a segment for Supporters. This could be Donation(s) by the Supporter, Sponsorship(s) the Supporter has, Current Sponsorships, Cancelled Sponsorships or Campaigns. 

Time Period: The historical time measured to calculate the segment. All Time (all corresponding records), Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly. All Time will be listed in a single column whereas Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly will be listed in a multi-column format.

Segment Type: Record Count is the total number of records calculated for the Segment. If you choose Donations for the Object, you can select Record Count or Total Giving Amount.

To create a segment:

  • Go to Supporters > Segments
  • Click + New Segment
  • Give your segment a title and description
  • For the example below, to create a Segment that lists all supporters who have given over $1,000.00 in the past year, for Object you would select Donation, for Time Period you would select Yearly, and for Segment Type you would select Total Amount.
  • You must click the Add Segment button to enter the segment information you would like to display
    • For our example, Min = $1,000.00 and leave Max empty for no Maximum amount.  
  • When you click the green Create button, the system will start calculating the segment for you. It may take a few minutes.
  • Click the blue Segment and Supporter Count numbers to view the various supporter lists.

From each Segment list, you can then Export to Excel, or create an email to all supporters within that segment.

Once a segment is created, it automatically updates the list of supporters. You cannot manually add a supporter to a segment, the segment’s rules will determine who is listed.  

As Supporters are automatically added to Segments, the segment will appear on their Supporter’s record on the Details page.  

Note: Supporter Groups and Segments are available in the Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus plans.

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