Donor Portal Alert

Donor Portal Alerts allows you to create alerts for your supporters that will be displayed when they log in to their Donor Portal.

To create a Donor Portal Alert:

  • Go to Settings > Portal Setup > Donor Portal Alerts tab
  • Click + New Supporter Alert
  • Select the Alert class.
    • Note: This will change the color of the block the alert is shown in. To preview the color, simply scroll down to view the Alert Preview. The color will change depending on your Alert class.
  • Add your Content
    • Note: Here, you can modify your font and insert links.
  • Choose an all-day Start date (optional)
  • Choose an all-day End date (optional)
    • Note: The Alert will be posted on the Start date and will be removed on the End date if set by your organization.
  • Review the Alert in the Alert Preview box.
  • Click Save


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