Supporters Overview

The Supporter Module in REACH gives you the ability to manage donations, sponsorships, and supporter communication for a supporter.

From the Supporter Module, you can sort supporters by name, email, last visited, and supporter since. From the search field, by default, you can search for a Supporter by Name, Permalink, and Email.  By clicking the ‘Search All Fields‘ box, you can also search by address, phone, and other custom field information you have created.  To display all Supporters after a search, click the Clear Search button.  

Click the Action button next to a supporter to edit, add a note, enter or update payment information, and reset their password.  

A supporter can be deleted only if they have no sponsorship or donation history. The Delete option is available only if that is the case.

To create a new supporter click the green New Supporter button.  

Quick Tip: Worried about duplicate entries? Only one supporter record per email address is allowed. If you enter an existing email into the Email field on the New Supporter form, a New Supporter will NOT be created. Instead, once you click the Create button, you will be taken to the Supporter Page belonging to the email address and will see the message: “Email has already been used with this supporter.”

Click on a supporter name to view the supporter record Details, Donations History, Sponsorship History and Activity.

If a Supporter has more than one phone number or address, you can add the information under Contact Methods.  When adding a phone number or address, you must select one entry to be the Primary.  Each entry must also include a Type.  

A REACH admin can send an email to a Supporter from their record.  The email sent to the supporter will include the Admin Signature. An admin can create their own signature to use when sending out correspondence to a Supporter by going to Settings > Change Password.  

If you would like to filter and export specific supporters for mail merge or spreadsheet–such as by Groups, Types, or Sponsor Status–you can do so from the Export Supporter List button from the Supporter Module. The file link sent to you will include all supporters in your organization, or all supporters from your search. (Note: If you have first performed a Supporter Search, only the search results will be included as part of the export file. Also, this does not include payment information.) You can also export all your Supporters by going to Reports, scrolling down to the Exports area and choosing Supporter List. This will export a list of all supporter information in the system.

Individual Supporter Profile Overview

The Details tab includes a snapshot of the supporter’s information such as the donations this year, total donations, payment information, basic information, supporter tags, notes, tasks and reminders, recent donations and current sponsorships.

The Donations tab includes the Supporter’s Giving Summary along with any Recurring Donations that have been set up.  Included on the Donations View is a Non Complete Donation History listing any Error or Incomplete Donations for the supporter.  To view information for a donation, click on the Date to view the Donation Details.  For more information about Donations, please see our Donations articles.

An admin can also create a donation for the supporter from the supporter record by clicking on the green + Donation button.  If they have requested for you to set up an online payment, you can also create the donation for them using they payment information on file.  

The Sponsorship History tab is a great way to review and update Sponsorships set up for the Supporter.  Click on the name of the Sponsorship to view the Supporter/Sponsorship Relationship. From the Sponsorship History tab, you can Cancel a sponsorship if needed, or re-start a sponsorship that has been Cancelled.  

The Activity tab lists system-recorded activities regarding sponsorships, communication, and record changes. You can also record an activity such as a Phone Call using the Record Activity Button.  This is a great way to log all communications with a Supporter.  

Also available on the Supporter Record is the ability to create a Contribution Statement for the supporter.  By clicking the Contribution Statement button, you can choose a time period and a Mail Merge Template to use.  See more in our Contribution Statement article.

Customizing Supporter Profile View

Admins can customize how the supporter’s information is displayed. For example, you can make the Basic Info section display first, then Tasks and Reminders and then Notes. Or, you can display the Current Sponsorships section above Recent Donations and Campaigns.

To do so, simply go into a supporter’s record and drag and drop the various elements in the Details tab to create your preferred layout. A change in one supporter’s profile will also be reflected in all of your supporter’s profiles. To revert back, click on Actions > Reset Profile Layout

Categorizing Supporters

In REACH, you can run a Supporter Report to delve into and filter your supporter data. The New Supporter Report allows you to list your supporter records that were created in a given date range.

You can create Tags for your supporters.

You can also create Supporter Segments and Supporter Groups to further classify your supporters and their activity. These are available using our Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus plans.

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