Merging Supporter Records

There may be times when you want to combine two records but keep all supporter information from both. This can be the case if a supporter accidentally creates a new account with a different email address, or if you would like to combine spouses, or a business record with an individual record

In REACH, an admin can merge two records from within a supporter record. Here’s how:

  • From the Supporter record you would like to KEEP (Supporter A), click Actions > then Merge
  • You will see Supporter A’s name at the top of the merge screen
  • In the Supporter field, type in the supporter (Supporter B) you would like to bring into the current record
  • Once selected, Supporter B will appear in the field
    • If you accidentally select the name of the record you are in, the Merge button will not be clickable
  • This merge action will bring Supporter B into -> Supporter A
  • Click Merge. The records are now combined.

Note: A merge CANNOT be undone.

Note: When merging records with payment information, only the payment method for Supporter A will be kept.

Merging a supporter record is what we recommend should a Support become deceased. If the deceased Supporter has a spouse that is also listed as a Supporter, we recommend following the steps above to merge the deceased Supporter’s record into their spouse’s record. You can also choose to Delete the record; however, if the Supporter has any donation or sponsorship history, the record cannot be deleted. For more on this, view our Deleting a Supporter or Sponsorship Record article.

Please also see the article on Resolving Duplicates.

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