How to Delete a Supporter or Sponsorship Record

If a Supporter or Sponsorship has any donation or sponsorship history, the Supporter or Sponsorships record cannot be deleted within REACH. The record remains in the system for reporting purposes.

To delete a Supporter or Sponsorship record:

  • Locate the name in the Supporter or Sponsorship listing
  • Next to the name, click Actions > Delete
  • If there is no Delete option, the record cannot be deleted, due to previous donations or sponsorships attached to the record

When unable to delete a Supporter, here are some other options:

If a Supporter becomes deceased, we recommend merging the Supporter’s record into the spouse’s record, should there be a spouse record in the system. To learn how, see our Resolving Duplicates article.

From the Supporter’s record:

  • Remove their Payment Information by clicking on the Update Payment Information icon
  • Disable the supporter to keep them from logging into REACH
  • Update their Contact Options to No to stop emails to their email address on file

When unable to delete a Sponsorship, you can go into the Sponsorship’s record and check the box to Disable the Sponsorship. Once disabled, the sponsorship will no longer be listed on the public sponsorship page or viewable to past or current supporters when logged into REACH. For more information on this, view our Sponsorship Classifications article.

When unable to delete a Sponsorship Type, it is likely because you have sponsorships listed under that Sponsorship Type. In this case, you can move the Sponsorships to a different Sponsorship Type and then delete the Sponsorship Type once complete.

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